Preparing Planting Beds in Spring

Spring is the time of year that everyone looks to for signs of new growth after a long, cold winter when so many plants go into dormancy, and your planting beds will need to be well-prepared for the season ahead so that they can bloom at their best.

Weed Things Out

Prevent unwanted guests from creeping into your planting beds by using chemical-free solutions like horticultural oils and herbicides made from natural ingredients that fight off weeds; they’re also an ideal solution for controlling pests and keeping your plants free of disease. Check with a landscape maintenance company about what lawn spraying services they might offer so that you’re in great shape for spring.

Create Barriers

Use physical barriers to keep out pests like deer and rabbits with actual fencing around your planting beds; but if that’s not something you want to see, consider plants that are naturally resistant to the hungry crowd.

Trim Things Up

Spring is one of the best times to start pruning shrubs and trees, as well; so planting beds will likely need some trim time. There are often dead areas after the cold winter freezes, so when spring rolls around, they’ll need to be cleared away to let in some new growth. If your plants are the flowering type that bloom in a later season, trim those branches now, but leave any plants with new buds alone.

Divide and Conquer

If you have perennials in your planting beds, divide them in spring, which is when most perennials tolerate division best. They’ll be healthier, and you’ll be able to control them from overpopulating the space. By relocating some of those existing plants, you’ll also be propagating their growth in new areas without having to start from scratch.

Clear Out

Mulch that might have been protective in winter could actually cause problems in spring, so your planting beds might need to be cleared of much when the weather starts warming.

Make your beds up and be ready to greet spring! Consult with the landscape experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc., today!