Pricing for Fire Pits

Factors That Can Fire Up the Price of Fire Pits

The warmth and glow of a roaring fire have undeniable appeal, especially on chilly nights you’d like to spend some time outside. Regardless of the reading on the thermometer, however, a fire pit can be the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors after the sun has set. It can add some ambiance to a space that might otherwise be lacking that last little something special.

As with anything, there are a variety of styles of fire pits as well as a wide variety of sizes, materials and even fuels – all of which also determine their prices. For example, portable fire pits that can be moved around from one spot to the other are often quite reasonable in price, while customized, built-in fire pits can be very expensive.

Budget Burners

Your budget will naturally dictate the type of fire pit you select, as well as the materials you choose. For the cheapest version, you’ll generally be looking at $80 for the most basic wood burning portable fire pits. But even the more expensive portables will usually only cost around $600 for a gas burning option with a natural stone tabletop.

Next, in terms of price point, are prefabricated models. Smaller fire pits that use basic materials start at $1,200, while the larger models composed of specialty materials like slate often cost three times as much.

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If you want something built-in, the most budget-friendly options start at a size three feet across and are wood burning, constructed of firebrick and concrete block, stucco and a pre-cast concrete wall cap. Depending on your contractor, you’ll generally need to budget at least $5,000 for your project.

Looking for something more high-end? You can always go custom, but you’ll also need to dedicate a bigger chunk of change to bring your vision to life. Custom fire pits can be up to six feet across. And for gas-lit models constructed of firebrick and natural stone or reclaimed brick or a stone veneer and stone cap, these specialty pieces can cost $7,000 and up.

Once you’ve installed your beautiful fire pit, you’ll also need to remember the expense of keeping it lit. Fueling your fire will depend on wood, gas or whatever alternative form of energy you’ve selected, so build that into your budget, as well.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., our team has years of experiencing in making fire pits true masterpieces that set outdoor spaces ablaze with ambience; and we’d love to get your project glowing.