Pricing for outdoor Fireplaces

Lighting the Fire Under Your Budget for an Outdoor Fireplace

Naturally, the cost of installing an outdoor fireplace will hinge on the features and materials you’ve chosen. From freestanding to built-in, prefab to custom-built, wood-fueled or gas powered, there are quite a few things you need to consider in outlining your plan of attack. Each of these factor into the cost you’ll end up with for your completed outdoor fireplace, so you’ll need to have your budget determined before you design something that could actually be out of your price range.

Budgets Built on the Basis of Models

The most affordable types of outdoor fireplaces are chiminea, which can range in price from $150- $500. Chimineas are wood-burning and have the advantage of being portable. Unfortunately, the fact that they’re small in size limits the number of people who can cozy up around the fire.

Prefab fireplaces are a little more expensive, coming in at a cost between $1500- $9000. These models are perfect for anyone looking for something that has a more substantial appearance but don’t want to pay the labor costs it would require for a skilled mason to custom build a fireplace. Most prefab versions are constructed of reinforced concrete and are fueled by natural gas or propane. Advantageous to prefab fireplaces is the fact that they’re quick to install and can be up and running almost immediately. Shipping costs need to be kept in mind, however, so looking for a prefab outdoor fireplace that can be sourced as locally as possible will be important in keeping your budget lower.

Fireplace kits are a common offering from most major paver companies and cost between $2000-$7000. The modular kits come in three to four pieces that are set in place by a forklift and assembled onsite. Additional costs will need to be figured into the total for footings, concrete foundations and labor.

Unfinished contractor models come ready for customization and cost between $1000-$4000. This type of model is prefabricated from sturdy concrete board or cast concrete but is unfinished and will require your own personal touch for it to look complete. On the upside, you’ll have the option to choose your own materials so that it will look completely cohesive to the design of your home and your landscape. You’ll also need to budget the price of the veneer materials you’ve chosen as well as the cost of installing that veneer.

Custom-built fireplaces range from $8000-$20,000, making them the most expensive model of outdoor fireplaces. For anyone who wants something completely customized, the budget required is worth it for the style and quality that can be achieved. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we can design and install custom outdoor fireplaces that will add considerably to the appeal of your backyard space and create the type of masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of. Of course, we recommend that you obtain quotes to ensure that you’re able to determine a feasible budget and succeed in the project you have in mind.

Adding Fuel to the Fireplace Costs

In addition to the type of model you’ve chosen for your outdoor fireplace, you’ll also need to consider other factors that will determine the end cost. Understanding each of these factors will better enable you to maintain a budget and make adjustments where necessary to stay within that budget. These factors include:

· Accessibility. Easy and close access to entry and exit points for contractors, laborers and material deliveries lowers the time and cost of labor.

· Cladding materials. The materials you choose to finish your unfinished prefab model or custom fireplace should be cohesive to the finish on your home to achieve a truly stunning style. Some materials will be quite affordable, but materials like high quality stone will be more expensive.

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· Hearths. Hearths create the floor of the firebox but often extend beyond the front of the fireplace, creating a convenient seating area and allowing people to gather nearby for warmth. Do to its proximity to the heat source, it must be made from non-combustible material and will be an added expense on top of the cost of the basic fireplace.

· Kits. Kits make the project more cost effective and far simpler with the ease of set-up and installation.

· Masonry. The look of luxury outdoor fireplaces require the skilled hand of a mason to achieve, so if you want a more creative style with unique brick or stone patterns, mosaic designs or even extended mantles, you’ll need to be able to budget the cost of their work.

· Size. The bigger the fireplace, the more expensive it becomes, especially when more accessories and features are built into the design. If you’ve selected a kit, the size will determine the cost of transport, and those that are custom-built will require more labor when they’re larger in scale. It’s key to remember, however, that smaller fireplaces might be more cost-effective, but they may not achieve the amount of heat production you want.

· Utilities. Simple wood-burning fireplaces will not require connections to your utilities, but fireplaces with gas or electrical fans will need to have utilities. This will mean that lines will need to be trenched and run to connection points at your home. The farther away the fireplace, the longer the line that must be run, which means that the cost of labor and material will also increase.

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