Raised Garden Bed Ideas

With the many raised garden bed ideas that homeowners all over the country have used in making their backyards unique, some of the most popular trends have turned those spaces into true workhorses perfect for planting everything from beautiful flower beds full of eco friendly flowers to more monochromatic green gardens, while others have utilized these planted patches as a small vegetable garden. Even if you have a small backyard, there are a number of raised garden bed ideas ideal for backyard landscaping; and it can be easier than you might imagine to make magic grow big in the tiniest of spaces, if you have a clear plan in mind.

Veg Out

Adding an above ground vegetable garden can make your limited amount of space not only beautiful, but also functional; and even a small garden can reap a big harvest when picking time rolls around. The key to it all really is the fact that raised gardens, unlike traditional ground level gardens, can offer a more controlled environment. Because of their physical separation from the native soil and its specific conditions, which are oftentimes unfavorable for growing, raised garden beds have the advantage of being customizable in everything from soil composition to irrigation and ensure that, no matter what you’re growing, you’re able to give your plants exactly what they need to thrive.

Practical Picks

The best raised garden bed ideas generally start with defining the space and building a frame. That framework allows you to fill the area with the proper type of soil needed for your specific garden; and it also provides you with the right amount of depth, height, and width. As you determine the dimensions of your design, remember to think about the ease of accessibility. You need to be able to maintain your garden, whether you’re adding new plants or simply trimming things up; so make sure that you can easily reach the center of the bed when you’re standing next to it.

Protect against pests and invading weeds by first lining it with garden plastic sheeting, and choose a location with the right amount of light or shade as well as one that can be kept properly hydrated.

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