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Relaxing Backyards

Relaxing Backyards:
Soothing Spaces

Creating relaxing backyards can be a simple thing for someone who has a bit of creativity, a clear idea of what makes them feel relaxed, and the time to actually dig in and get things done. For most homeowners, unfortunately, that threesome is lacking in some way; and so their long-held dreams of backyard living have been whacked down like weeds in a flowerbed.

It doesn’t have to be a deadheaded dream forever, though. Even for the most time-crunched property owner, a backyard that inspires calm and encourages relaxation can be had with a simple call to the local landscaping maintenance professionals, and they’ll come armed and ready to create a backyard that’s soothing to the soul and pleasing to the senses.

If your visions run a little more on the simple side and your backyard doesn’t seem to need a complete overhaul, however, a few well placed, simple landscape design ideas can actually achieve your objective without requiring an overwhelming amount of time or an endless budget. They can, in fact, be easy ideas for the willing DIY-er, a matter of allocating even a small space where soothing elements are incorporated to offer up an escape from the hustle and bustle and noise of everyday life that seem to encroach on the ability to take a breath and just…be.

Relaxing Backyards:
Pieces of Peace

The first step would naturally be identifying just what makes you feel peaceful, whether it’s well-arranged, comfortable seating that entices you to enjoy lazy afternoons that fade into sunset or the tranquil trickling of water features. For some, the shade of trees can provide you a haven under the heavens; while for others, a pergola might offer a canopy of calm. Whatever the case may be, determining what defines relaxing backyards varies from person to person, relying heavily both on personality and on what most evokes emotion from you.

Even the most simple garden ideas can be greatly effective. Invest in some comfortable outdoor seating to arrange in a quiet spot; install a pool, spa, or hot tub and float away from it all; or carve out a place for a fire pit and watch the flickering flames dance in the dark. Find your greatest pleasure in nature? Plant flowers or hang some feeders to encourage birds or butterflies to your yard and set out birdbaths. Do a little research into yourself, and then take it outside. Close your eyes and imagine perfect peace…the relaxing backyard you’ve been dreaming of is well within reach.

Don’t stress over your backyard! At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we make creating relaxing backyards seem like a breeze. Give us a call for all your custom landscaping needs and schedule a residential landscaping consultation today!