Rock it Out With an Outdoor Sound System

Outdoor Sound Systems That Rock

While it might be easy to assume that sound systems operate the same way outside as they do indoors, it’s actually a more complicated thing to get sound flowing throughout your outdoor space. Unlike a home, where walls and the ceiling create an acoustic effect, outdoor areas have essentially nothing to bounce the sound around. There are no walls, no ceiling, no hard surfaces that send sound waves reverberating and traveling across the space. All you have is air and an endless expanse of openness in which sound gets lost. Not that openness is a bad thing. Quite the contrary. But when you want sound to have great effect, that openness can cause major complications. For that reason, outdoor sound systems must be designed with special care so that every note, beat and word is heard and not lost in thin air.

In addition to the air out there, outdoor sound systems have to compete with noise. The everyday noises of life on your street can drown out your music, whether that noise is coming from lawn mowers or the steady steam of traffic. All of it plays on, and if your outdoor sound system isn’t adequate, it’ll play right on over your tunes.

Speak(er) Up

To create major sound on your patio or deck, you’ll want to choose a system using speakers wired to a powerful amplifier located indoors. Such a system is generally simple to install and merely requires running the wires from the amp through either a corner of a window or a hole drilled into a wall, then attaching them to the outdoor speakers.

What’s Watt Outdoors

The highest quality outdoor speakers range from 60 to 300 watts. Generally speaking, the more wattage a speaker has, the more sound it produces. The ideal wattage for your space depends on the actual size of the area you’re working with. 200-watt speakers are generally powerful enough for most porches or decks and deliver premium sound without distortion across spaces up to 1,000 square feet. For truly impressive sound amplification over larger areas like sprawling patios or commercial outdoor applications, 70-volt outdoor sound systems are an ideal option.

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Sound Space

The number of speakers in your outdoor sound system determines the amount of sound you and your guests hear. The bigger the space, the more speakers you’ll need. Smaller areas usually require only one or two strong speakers, while larger patios will require more in order for ample sound distribution. Specially designed omnidirectional speakers telegraph sound on all sides, in all directions.

The team of outdoor design experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. has years of experience working with homeowners across the Gulf Coast to create outdoor sound systems that take their outdoor entertaining to the next level. We can customize a system that suits your space, no matter the size, so that your sound experience is truly at its max.

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