How to Save Frost Damaged Plants

Frost Damaged Plants

Knowing how to save frost damaged plants is part of wise winter gardening, and knowing the basics can mean that you can coax some life and color back into your property even when it seems like Jack Frost might have had the last laugh.

Post-freeze, your plants are most likely in great need of food and nutrition; the water already present in the soil has frozen, which also means that plants have no way of absorbing it. Rehydrate to rejuvenate, you’ll quench those thirsty plants and speed along the thawing process. Give your frost damaged plants an extra shot of nutrients by applying some liquid fertilizer; you’ll strengthen their resolve to recover even more quickly.

Cut With Care: When and How to Trim or Prune Frost Damaged Plants

Remove whatever dead leaves have accumulated on your frost damaged plants, but waiting to do a more intense clean sweep will reduce the risk of causing further harm to frost damaged plants later on. Pruning too early might lead to the loss of live areas, so wait until spring, when new growth appears and you can better assess the overall health of any frost-battered foliage. Part of saving them sometimes means taking a more hands-off approach especially in the case of frost damaged plants that cannot be relocated to more sheltered areas or indoors, away from the cold. If you make an attempt at pruning damaged leaves or stems, it can actually make the entire plant more vulnerable to any upcoming cold snap.

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Do a check-up on your property to find frost damaged plants that might need your nurturing care to save them. Look for signs of winter damage including the lack of a spring bud break or even a weak appearance. If you have woody plants to pamper, check them over by looking below the surface––the layer underneath the bark will have a black or brown color if the plant is injured. If frost has cracked your trees, repairs can be as simple as stripping the torn or loose bark with a knife, then smoothing them over with the knife––it will encourage the formation of a callous on the surface of the bark.

Rescue and revive your frost damaged plants to thrive, and when Winter has trod on plants and over your sod, wish him good-bye with a green thumb held high! As you look for solutions for saving frost damaged plants, give the expert staff at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!