Seeing the Forest for the Christmas Trees

Seeing the Forest for the Christmas Trees

Despite the proliferation of pre-lit trees that stay evergreen even after you pack them up nice and neat in their very own boxes, the appeal of real Christmas trees is still undeniable. To meet the still very much alive demand for a fresh cut Christmas tree, some dedicated individuals all over the world make it their mission to maintain a Christmas tree farm so that, when the season of giving is in full swing, Christmas trees are in ready supply to keep things feeling festive.

If you’re not hiking out to the woods to chop down a tree for yourself, you’re probably going to have to rely on the ones you find at a local lot that’s set up with ready to pick and pack trees that have been recently cut and brought in from a farm. Remember that not all Christmas trees are created alike, however. Some species last longer, some have thicker needles, and there are even variations on color and stature.

Making the Cut

As you hunt down a real Christmas tree worthy of a holiday display, you’ll want to know a few things, including how to keep your Christmas tree fresh. You’ll also need to know how much space you’re working with in your home. The ceiling height of your room will naturally dictate some limits, but you also want to make sure that your impressively beautiful fresh Christmas tree isn’t so massive in girth that it overwhelms the rest of the space.

Before you hit the tree lot, measure the ceiling height to know how high you can go, but also remember to factor in the height of your tree stand as well as the measurement of the tree topper you plan to use. While you’ve got that measuring tape working, use it to plot out the placement of the tree. You need have the measurement of the area that evergreen will occupy so that you know how big in girth you can go without running the risk of having tree branches that are being squashed or bent.

Accessorize properly with the right tree stand size, as well. You’ll need one that will accommodate the trunk of your Christmas tree, but it also needs to be sturdy enough to keep the tree standing upright.

Top Tips for the Top Tree

When you’re at the lot or have made your way to the Christmas tree farm, do a little tactile investigating. Here are a few tips to follow so that you pick the best bet:

    • Test the tree branches by grabbing one between your thumb and index finger and gently pulling your pinched fingers toward you, down the length of the branch. The healthier the tree, the fewer needles will end up in your hands.
    • Crush the tree’s needles in your hands to see how much scent they give off. A stronger tree smell means that the tree is fresh.
    • Make sure that the trunk will fit your stand, because having to whittle it down will strip the tree of its layer of cambium, which means that it won’t be able to absorb water properly.

Got your tree picked? Get it shaken out to make sure that you’re not hauling home any extra needles and wrapped up in netting for the trip home. The lot attendant will also be able to cut the end off the trunk to open up its veins for water absorption.

To keep your newly purchased tree looking lively once you’ve got it home and in place, add clean water to the stand. Do it as soon as possible, and be vigilant about keeping the water level above the end of the cut. If you keep the water clean and fresh, you also won’t need to add any plant food or other additives to keep it alive and thriving.

Keep your Christmas tree looking merry and bright! For tips on maintaining your holiday glow both indoors and out, call the experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc.! Season by season, you’ll have a healthy lawn worth caroling over; and they’ll help you create a winter landscape to welcome Santa in style!