Shrub Fertilizer and Horticultural Oil

If you have landscaping of any kind, you’re sure to face your fair share of maintenance issues, and getting some professional help might be in your best interest, whether you need lawn mowing maintenance or lawn spraying services. Not only will they have the time that you don’t, they’ll also have the right tools, equipment, and products to make sure your landscape is looking its very best, loaded up with everything from shrub fertilizers and horticultural oils to backhoes gunning to do the heavy work.

Naturally, with the changes in season, so, too, comes the changes in the ways that you care for your landscaping. Different times of year call for different kinds of treatments such as fertilizers and pest preventatives so that everything is well in-place to weather the conditions ahead and stand up healthy and strong against threats. Check with a landscape maintenance company to determine which treatments might benefit your landscaping in the upcoming months.

Shrub Grub

Though not all shrubs need to be fertilized in order to grow, if you want them to be at their healthiest, shrub fertilizer is definitely something to consider. Just as lawn fertilizer gives necessary nutrients to your turf, shrub fertilizer is designed to give your shrubs a nutritional boost, especially when they’re young and at their most active growth stages. They need different formulations of minerals and nutrients than your grass does, so relying on your application of lawn fertilizer may not be the wisest move.

Strike Oil

Horticultural oil is an ideal solution for preventing pests and diseases from killing your plants. They’re a natural alternative to chemicals and use actual oils like mineral and vegetable oils combined with an emulsifying agent to make them lighter-weight and functional in horticultural applications. The trick in what makes them so effective is actually their natural ability to suffocate pests like insects, disrupt insect eggs from metabolizing the plants, and even keep some types of fully developed insects from feeding at all.

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