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Side Yard Landscaping

Putting Eye Appeal Front and Center

Side yard landscaping isn’t something that people always remember; but in the overall design of a yard, it’s something that should certainly be given its due. Admittedly, the front yard is the first thing that catches people’s eyes when they drive past, and the backyard is crucial in giving you the opportunity for outdoor living; but the side yard areas are the section of landscaping that many of your home’s windows will actually overlook. Depending on your lot and the size and placement of your home, the options you have for side yard landscaping can be far more interesting than you might imagine.

Are You On the Fence?

One of the first thing to consider in landscaping the side yard areas is any fencing you might be facing. Most houses will be in well-populated areas where the yards are outlined in fencing of some kind, so if you want to add some appeal and draw attention away from the fence, one of your best options is decorative paneling of some kind, whether it’s a wooden trellis trailing with vines, reclaimed sculptural iron-work gating, organic bamboo canes, or even a vertically planted garden. If you’re thinking about water features, install a fixed panel and have it fitted with a wall-mounted fountain.

Where Do You Lead?

If you have an entryway that leads out onto a side yard, capitalize on that space by adding stepping stones or pavers that lead to a walkway, and plant some foliage or flowers that compliment the rest of your landscaping. A landscape maintenance company will be lush with ideas for your side yard, so always remember to consult with them as you begin to formulate your plans.

Side Function

If there’s more than a six foot width in your side yard, you have plenty of space to live it up. Add a small seating area and consider a bit of hardscape design with an arbor or a patio, and surround things with greenery.

Got a taste for growing your own food? Use a side yard for raised beds planted with a edible garden. The important thing to know is what kind of sun exposure you’re working with, so get the advice of some experts in your area about which plants will give you the greatest harvest.

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