Simple Landscaping Ideas

As you design your backyard, front yard, or even your side yard, think about the ways that even simple landscaping ideas can give you a property you’re proud to show off. There are simple garden ideas that can help you create a show-stopping small garden and landscaping solutions like vertical gardening designs that incorporate climbing flowers perfect for providing privacy or simply adding a great pop of color to areas of your property that might be limited on space. Even simple landscaping and hardscaping elements like beautiful paver stones used in custom walkway designs can make your yard much more appealing to the eye and infinitely more enjoyable, so never assume that fantastic backyard ideas and front yards with fabulous curb appeal must be complicated or ornate to achieve the greatest results.

Make Your Bed

Some of the most impactful simple landscaping ideas are built around beds, whether those beds are flower beds on the ground level of your front yard or raised garden beds in your backyard. They can both provide great color and beauty to your space without requiring a great deal of time or money, so do some research to see what might grow best in your area.

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Shuffle the Deck

Decking is, of course, one of the most classic of all simple landscaping ideas for the backyard; but decks can also be perfect for making your side yard more functional and even spruce things up a bit. Think about the role you’d like that deck space or patio area to fill and then design it to accommodate your needs. Choose a material like stone or tile for something more interesting than traditional wood planking. If you want a place to entertain, add comfortable seating and a dining spot. You’ll feel more encouraged to make use of things if they serve a purpose and are pleasing to the eye.

Simple Thoughts

Remember that there are easy switches you can make to standard landscaping that won’t require a great investment of time or money. Think practically, of course; but never settle for boring. By incorporating a few simple ideas, you can achieve the best property on the block; and that’s well worth a bit of digging in the dirt.

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