Small Front Yard Landscaping

Despite the restrictions on space, small front yard landscaping doesn’t have to be an uninspiring project. It’s more about the planning and execution than it is about actual square footage; so if you’ve got big ideas but a very small space, don’t let that limit the possibilities. If you’ve got any amount of vision, you can likely imagine far more for your front yard than simple sodding.

Sure, the greatness of green is not to go without proper notice, but the lushness of your lawn is only part of the picture. Because it’s the very first part of your property that anyone sees, your front yard is exponentially important to creating a first impression. Need some curb appeal? Even with the considerations of confined quarters, small front yard landscaping is crucial to creating curb appeal. In other words, mini can still be mighty; and any investments you make into that small space can have big benefits. For a homeowner, that can mean spiking property values and commanding a higher resale amount; and for a business owner, it can mean the difference between attracting clients or turning them away.

Don’t Be Small Minded

Even with prohibited amounts of room, your front yard can still seem roomy and offer endless appeal. If you approach it with an open mind, every inch can be put to use in some way that will enhance the overall look and feel of your property, whether that includes accent lighting, water features, hardscaping, or even simply a colorful rainbow of flowers. Big ideas can be tough to execute, even when they’ve been scaled down, so it might be wise to consult with a team of professionals before you put any plans into place. Landscaping companies often have team members who can provide you advice for landscape irrigation design, landscape lighting design, and hardscape design. Your yard will end up well-lit, well hydrated, and beautifully accented in ways that you never dreamed possible, simply because it’s been given the chance to shine.

Most important to landscaping front yards of any size is knowing how to edit and being aware that whatever you choose to incorporate should ultimately serve to compliment, not overwhelm, your property. Even tiny jewels can be priceless, so think of your small front yard as a rare gem to be cultivated, rather than a pebble on the ground.

As you take measure of your own front yard, don’t let your lack of space stunt your dreams! Give the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call today!