Southern Landscaping

Whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or one who feels limited by a small backyard, you likely have a few Southern landscaping ideas to create your ultimate yard. It can seem simple enough to design your backyard if you have the time and the vision to put it all in place, but some of those southern landscaping ideas can require a bit of help from the professionals. As you cast a glance at all that green space outside your door, remember that your property is something that should bring you joy, one that should fit your needs and the way you live. Think about how you want it to feel and function, and then let those fantastic backyard ideas grow.

A Southern State of Mind

Southern landscaping welcomes time spent outside, time spent enjoying the warmth and the hospitality the region is so famous for showing; and if you’re a true Southerner, you’ll need some backyard landscaping ideas that accommodate your need for Southern comfort. Hardscaping like decks and patios are ideal for creating outdoor entertaining space, and adding seating arrangements and an outdoor kitchen or even fire pits will greatly increase the use of those areas and make your backyard your favorite place to be. Keep all that beauty shining bright with outdoor lighting—even the simplest designs can become something magical when the sun goes down.

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Concepts Worth Creating

Ground cover plants will keep things looking lush and help maintain your gardens in the warmer months; and if you’re trying to keep your landscaping jobs to a minimum so you can really relax, add landscape edging borders to help contain things and keep those spaces more defined. Water features like ponds and pools can be made even more luxurious with beautiful plants and foliage around them, and stone pathways can add a sophisticated look that lead you from your back door out into different areas of the yard. Make playtime a priority with a playhouse for your kids or even one for yourself, where you can come in from the sun and still enjoy the fresh air as you take in the view. Whatever type of backyard space you might have, it should be taken advantage of; so tap into your yard’s full potential and make it worth going outside for.

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