Spring Lawn Care Tips for Florida

When you live in a state like Florida, the idea of lush, green lawns might seem almost laughable. We have such extreme heat in summer and even sometimes in spring that lawn care can often feel like an uphill battle that you never win. But all that lushness really can become a reality for your lawn with a little bit of knowledge and a willingness to be proactive.

The key to it all really lies in how you handle a few very important aspects of lawn maintenance: mowing, irrigation, aeration, fertilization and weeding. If pretty much each of those four things listed sounds new and sent you searching on Google, you obviously need help. Perhaps in the form of hiring a professional lawn maintenance company like Executive Landscaping, Inc.? Even if you do know what each term means, you still need to put them into practice, as each will help you form the foundation for a beautiful lawn.


When you want a healthy lawn, your best bet is to mow frequently with the blade raised to a higher setting. It aids in the prevention of weeds happily taking up residence on your turf, helps keep pests away and ensures that your lawn looks well-maintained and manicured. Mowing the grass once a week is advisable to prevent it from becoming overgrown.


When seasons change, so, too, do the irrigation needs of your grass, which means that your watering patterns should be adjusted accordingly. During springtime in Florida, lawns need only to be watered once or twice a week to keep them adequately hydrated. Even so, be mindful of the amount of rainfall you receive each week and adjust your watering schedule in accordance with that so that you have neither dry, patchy turf nor an overgrown lawn.

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Aeration and Fertilization

As soil dries out – which it often does in Florida – it can often become solidly compacted. Compacted soil makes it extremely difficult for grass to absorb the moisture and nutrients it needs, and any lawn treatments you apply will basically be ineffective. This is where aeration comes into play, as it breaks up the soil through the use of spikes or a plug remover, which results in thousands of tiny holes all throughout your lawn. These tiny holes, in turn, allow water and nutrients a direct line of access to the roots, making it a necessary step before the application of lawn treatments or fertilizers. Once aerated, your lawn should be given a seasonal application of fertilizer.


Weeds…The bane of all homeowners’ existence. Weed prevention is possible, but to be successful at it, it’s important to remember to water your lawn less frequently than you might think. Far more important in the battle against weeds, however, is the monthly application of lawn treatment. Specialized treatments help kill any existing weeds and prevent the growth of new ones.

As spring bursts to life in Florida, we at Executive Landscaping, Inc. are ready to help make sure that your lawn is at its very best and give you the masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of.

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