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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Into Action

If you’re like many homeowners, following spring lawn care tips is not a high priority when it comes time to bring out the warm weather clothes. Spring lawn care gets a cursory nod at best, and it seems far too easy to close your eyes and hope that nature will be on your side for once. With work and family obligations keeping your schedule packed, you’ve hardly got time to read a spring lawn care guide and follow all of those well-intentioned spring landscaping tips; and the idea of letting a landscaping maintenance company take on the job is a welcome one. Often times, however, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the “landscaping experts” know what they’re doing. In fact, many property owners become complacent regarding how well their yard is being taken care of…until something goes terribly wrong. As spring turns over a new leaf, think about turning over a new leaf of your own and take a closer look at whether your trusted landscaping team is actually following those spring lawn care tips for themselves.

Use a Gentle Hand

This is a period when damage can easily be done, so tackling spring lawn care with a little too much gusto could actually cause harm in the long run. Because the grass is in its earliest growth cycle, it’s also more susceptible to things like substantial amounts of foot traffic and raking, which means that any heavy maintenance should be avoided until a little bit later in the season when it’s had more time to establish itself. Once spring has fully set in and the soil has had a chance to dry out from winter, clear up the lawn and rid plant beds of any dead leaves, debris, or fallen branches that can impede growth.

What’s the Treatment Plan?

Spring is the ideal time to start weeding and using pre-emergent herbicides because springtime applications will prevent weeds from having the chance to germinate. If you have warm weather grasses, you’ll also want to fertilize in late spring, during the period of time when this type of grass begins its most active growth state and will be needing enough nutrients to encourage that growth. Discuss lawn spraying services with your landscaper to make sure that your property is getting everything it needs for the upcoming seasons so that it will be healthy and beautiful all year long.

If your landscaper is doing his job properly, other spring lawn care tips in his plan of action will include testing the soil quality, beginning a regular watering schedule, aerating and dethatching your lawn, mowing to maintain a healthy height, and treating any pest control issues you might have.

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