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Spring Yard Work

Feeling Springy?

Spring yard work is right up there with spring cleaning as far as most people are concerned. You know you have to do it, but it’s generally not something you look forward to…unless you’re an avid gardener who waits all winter long for warmer days when spring yard maintenance heralds the beginning of blooming season. Busy schedules don’t often allow for spending a great deal of time whittling down a lengthy spring yard work checklist; and if you’re the average homeowner, your experience with spring yard work doesn’t include much beyond a mower and a trowel. Anything more, and you’re out of your element. Fortunately, landscaping maintenance experts can take all of the guess work out of your yard work and tackle the task of spring lawn clean up for you. If you dig getting dirty, though, there are a few things you should put on your list as you glove-up your green thumb.

Clean Up Your Act

Crucial to your spring yard work plan is, of course, clean up. You’ll need to remove winter wrapping from trees and shrubs that you might have needed to ward off the chill and collect any fallen branches, leaves, excess mulch, or debris that might have built up over the winter season on your landscaping. It poses a threat to plants, causing an excessive amount of moisture to build up that could potentially cause mold, rotting roots, or infestation by insects.

Avoid Irrigation Irritation

Spring yard work also includes checking your irrigation system for leaks and other malfunctions. The system hasn’t yet come into heavy use for the year, so before the heat kicks into high gear and your yard is dying of thirst, make sure that everything is in working order or call in irrigation landscaping services experts who can repair faulty pipes or damaged heads.

Heed the Weeds

Garden areas will need to be weeded now, when the soft spring soil is easier to deal with and the weeds are only just beginning to rear their ugly heads. During spring, those weeds won’t yet have had the chance to proliferate to the degree that they will later in the year if you let them go unattended, so dig them out now or call in a professional to discuss their lawn spraying services.

Fine-Tune Your Prune

If you’re breaking out the pruning shears, skip your trees and shrubs and focus on cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses. Now’s the time that they’ll benefit by being taken down a notch…in fact, they’ll actually grow back bigger and stronger.

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