Staying Green Through the Winter Blues With Winter Grass

When winter weather hits, that cold snap can do a great deal of damage on your yard. Warm weather grasses cringe at the frost and frigidity, looking sickly all season and dreaming of warmer days that seem eons away. But instead of living with turf that looks less than stellar, you can stay green all winter long by planting winter grass, those cool season grasses that thrill to the chill.

Wintering the Weather

Some of the most common types of winter grass are lolium multiflorum and lolium perenne, varieties of winter rye grass that differ in their appearance as well as their lifecycles. Also referred to as perennial ryegrass, lolium perenne is the more expensive of the two and can live on for a number of years. And while that may sound like a good thing, it can actually mean that winter grass can totally take over your turf, leaving you with choked-out grass in the summer months. Conversely, lolium multiflorum, an annual variety, dies away in spring to allow your turfgrass to grow gloriously green.

To keep your curb appeal all year long and trade in your winter blues for winter greens, you’ll need to have a winter lawn care plan. Seasonal lawn care prepares in advance, which means that you’ll need to start overseeding Bermuda grass or any other warm season grass in the fall. Think of overseeding as filling in the blanks. By overseeding, you’re sowing seeds for winter grass into your existing warm weather turf so that when it enters dormancy in winter, the winter blades can grow right in.

Cold Care

Of course, planting winter grass also means maintaining winter grass. You’ll have to keep up with the mowing, watering, and even fertilizing. It may sound like a hassle, but it’s worth the pay-off when your lawn is still looking lively through the cold. But if you’d rather have some time for a winter break, you can let the experts handle things by hiring a local landscaping service. They’ll keep you green all season and free you up to enjoy your personal winter wonderland.

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