Summer Weather Landscaping

summer weather landscaping

How Summer Weather Impacts Your Yard

When you’re making plans to do something that involves being outdoors, you generally do something like checking the local weather forecast. But when your outdoor plans are landscaping-related, you’ll need to consult something that people have been relying on for centuries: the Farmer’s Almanac. Far more reliable than those often hit-or-miss predictions spouted off by the local team of weather experts, the Farmer’s Almanac has a proven track record for accuracy. For that reason, it’s invaluable for farmers who need to have a clear picture of what the upcoming growing seasons will be like.

Predictability Isn’t Boring – It’s Helpful

The Almanac is based on information like weather patterns, history and shifts in climate trends. So much carefully gathered information is compiled to create regional forecasts that are invaluable in knowing what the weather will be doing over a longer range of time so that farmers (and landscapers) know when to plant, what to plant and how to maintain everything that’s been planted.

Sure Things for Summer

When you live in a region like the Deep South, where summers have a tendency to reach extremely high heat indexes, having good information about upcoming summer conditions can mean all the difference in what you do with your landscape. As summer 2018 spreads over Florida, forecasters predict hotter and rainier weather than usual. Mid-July and mid-August will be the hottest, and there are predicted tropical storm threats for August and September.


Consider the Conditions

What all that information means for anyone hoping to achieve landscaping greatness is that you’ll need to be respectful of which plants need cooler weather and which might need drier conditions. All the rain might be too much for some species of plants, as might all the heat be too much for others to handle when you first plant. Rain and heat also affect how and when you tackle maintenance tasks like

fertilizing, watering, mowing, applying certain treatments and aerating. Remember, just because summer is summer doesn’t mean you ALWAYS do everything at the same time. It just means that there are certain things you can expect, with some wiggle room in your plan to adjust for variances in heat and rainfall. Or the lack thereof.


Summer Plans

The hotter and drier the summer, the harder it will be to plant and grow grasses with any success. The wetter it is, the less effective certain treatments will be. Talk to the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc. before you begin your summer landscape project and discuss the upcoming summer weather. The more information you have, the better the result you’ll be able to achieve.

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