Swimming Pool Landscaping

Practically Paradise

Swimming pools are one of those highly debated features in a backyard that many homeowners dream of having, but ultimately end up never using. For those who actually put them to good use, however, a swimming pool can be the perfect ticket to paradise, and what would paradise be without a bit of landscaping to add color and beauty and really make it stand out?

The landscaping around a pool can be composed of many different elements, whether they’re low-maintenance features like decked-out decking where water-babies and lounge-lizards alike gather to enjoy some time in the sun or higher maintenance areas of lush foliage that put one well in mind of the tropics. Whatever route is chosen, above ground pool landscaping should naturally be respective of the fact that après-swim, that area will likely be heavily-saturated by the dripping bodies of both dippers and divers, so anything underfoot needs to be slip resistant.

Think or Sink

Well-executed swimming pool landscape ideas take into consideration not only the traffic pattern of the area, but also the overall aesthetic that appeals to the homeowner and how much time—and money—they can invest in that landscaping. Hardscaped areas like stone or concrete patios require little upkeep, nor do wooden decks built around the area demand great care. Mix in some living elements, however, and you’ve added extra effort to your to-do list, which—based on your schedule and your own willingness to get up close and personal with the gardening tools—might really not be something you want to take on. Landscaping maintenance professionals are well worth their fees in cases such as these; and by hiring one, you’ll have more time to actually enjoy the pool you’ve invested so much in.

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The type of swimming pool landscaping you choose should compliment the property as a whole; if your yard is relatively small and the pool takes up a majority of that space, the landscaping around it shouldn’t seem to clutter and crowd things so much that it becomes chaotic rather than calming. Even if your property is a sprawling expanse of grand greenery, adding elements that seem ostentatious or grossly impractical will detract from everything else and leave you wondering why you ever thought that water-park-sized slide was really a good idea. And that resort-worthy cascading fountain? Maybe not one of your wisest investments. Even in the simpler things, however, remember to think about things objectively; plant life of any kind has a tendency to shed leaves or flowers, but certain species have a greater turnover rate, which means that pretty blue pool will need more than the occasional skimming to stay so pretty and blue.

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