Taking the Holistic Approach to Landscape Management

holistic approach

More than ever before, society is focused on living consciously, not only regarding ourselves but also the environment. We try every possible method of “green” living, reducing our carbon footprint and preserving our resources so that nature isn’t negatively impacted. Today we live “cleaner,” conscious of what we are putting into our bodies and where it comes from. We examine packaging to verify the purity of ingredients and how they are made. We even try reducing stress by practicing meditation and go so far as seeking out alternative medicine when we get sick. All that falls into the category of holistic health and living, an awareness that each component impacts the other. This same principle applies to holistic landscape design.

Thinking Holistically

Holistic landscape design takes knowledge of medicinal and edible plants and utilizes that expertise by developing sustainable landscapes. Its focus is, of course, working with nature rather than against it and incorporates soil ecology, biodynamic agriculture and use of medicinal and edible plants into the design for the creation of a landscape that is beautiful, sustainable and beneficial to the natural environment as well as to humans. That may seem like a lot to ask of one design, but holistic landscape design has proven itself as more than a passing trend and an unnecessary headache.  

Imagine having access to plants that are edible or that have healing properties. Imagine knowing that your landscape, beautiful as it is, is more than just a pretty face and utilizes things like rain gardens to maintain itself without depleting natural water resources. Holistic landscape design does all of that and applies sustainable landscape processes creatively, designing with biodiversity in mind as well as focusing on using plants and features that are both therapeutic and beautiful. It’s not simple, as it requires the knowledge of plants as well as an understanding of soil science, but the result is worth it, as it creates a healthier environment and a healthier way of living.

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Holistic Management

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we believe that holistic landscape design is essential. Our team of experts includes designers as well as landscapers who are incredibly knowledgeable in the field and understand the importance of every aspect of the land and the natural environment. We test the soil quality, we walk the property to identify every possible means of preserving the ecology and we explore all options for creating a holistic landscape design that benefits our clients as well as the environment. We love this area, and we love seeing its beauty preserved.    

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