Ten Landscaping Mistakes Part I

Spring and summer aren’t the only times of year that you should be thinking of ways to spruce up your property and maintain a close eye on your landscaping. True, the warmer months may generally be the ones that show steady signs of growth in your greenery, but never think that the coming of cooler weather means you can rest on your laurels.

1.) Take a Hard Look at Your Hardscape

Keep your hardscaping neat and tidy; pressure wash your decks, sidewalks, and driveway to make them look well-kept and presentable. They play an essential role in creating curb appeal, which means that maintaining them should rank high on your list. Besides, you’ve likely invested a great amount of time and money into your hardscape design, so keeping them clear and in top shape is the best way to show them off.

2.) Brush Up Your Appeal

Fall brings cooler weather, which makes it an ideal time to break out the brushes and paint the exterior surfaces of your home, whether that means touching up the trim or sprucing up the siding. Never forget that poorly maintained paint can detract from your home and blind people to the beauty of your landscaping.

3.) Dive into the Season

You may not be swimming in your pool…but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing swimming around in there. Fall and winter mean dropping temps, but they also mean dropping leaves, which means that you’re hardly out of the weeds when it comes to cleaning out your pool. Stay regular with the skimmer so that you keep those crystal waters free of bugs, leaves, and other debris; and maintain your chemical program. When bathing suit season comes, you’ll have less prep to do, and it’ll also ensure that the investment you’ve made in your pool doesn’t go down the drain.

4.) Break Out the Rake

Fall may seem like the perfect time to cool it with the yard work, but allowing leaves to pile up detracts from the beauty of your landscape. Those colorful leaves can become slip hazards if they collect on walkways and get wet, but they also give off the impression that you’re not taking pride in your property or maintaining it well. Rake regularly so that your landscaping is safe, beautiful, and well-worth piles of praise.

5.) All Washed Up

It may be time to park your lawn mower for the season, but before you hang up your gardening gloves, make sure that all of your tools and equipment are in working order and properly cleaned of moisture, debris, and grime. You’ll have a jump on things when it’s time to break them out again, and you might actually save yourself the headache of having to replace them next season.

To get details on even more avoidable mistakes, check out Part 2! At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have years of experience in seasonal care, and welcome the chance to advise you! Give us a call today!