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Terracing for Beauty and Function


Great Benefits of Terracing

Most people have heard of terracing but not everyone is familiar with what it is or what function it serves. Terracing is a landscaping feature that looks a great deal like a staircase in that it has multiple levels of elevation or steps. Terraces are a great addition to any type of yard – especially for properties that have sloped topography, as these types of land can present challenges like erosion or limited useable gardening space. By creating these multiple tiers, terraces produce several gardening beds that provide more usable and level square footage.

Low-Level Terraces

Naturally, smaller areas of terracing are more simple to create and will not require a great deal of material. Materials that are less than two feet tall such as wood planking or stacked stones involve little more than filling in the soil behind the short wall for each level of the terrace. Firstly, a trench wide enough to hold the base wall material is dug to create a short retaining wall that is strong enough to serve as a foundational level. The soil behind the wall then needs leveling before creating the next step of terracing.

Scaling Higher with Terraced Walls

Terraces with walls higher than two feet tall need the expertise of a professional landscape team to properly execute because of the weight of the soil. Each terrace level requires landscape fabric to hold gravel for proper water drainage beneath the topsoil as well as a drainpipe to drain the water. In addition, each of the terrace walls must tilt inward by one inch at every foot in height to create structural strength enough to withstand the pressure of heavy soil.

Top Terrace Traits

Terracing offers safety benefits to the structure of a home because they have a slight slope that encourages the flow of water to the sides and out to nearby drains. This directs water away from the home and its foundation, which minimizes the damage that could otherwise result from constant exposure to water during rainfall. Terraces also help control soil erosion by eliminating the sloped hillside that once served as a slide for water to run down. Aesthetically speaking, terraces create the perfect opportunity to plant gardens full of plants, flowers and edibles.

Because of the danger of having landslides result from improper planning during the construction of terraces, it is wisest to have the project handled by professionals. We at Executive Landscaping have completed many terraces for homeowners across the Gulf Coast during our years of operation and we can design the perfect plan to turn your property into one of our masterpieces.

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