Think Ahead with Pre Emergent Herbicides

Ever heard of pre-emergent herbicides? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Pre-emergent herbicides are a type of herbicide that must be applied to weeds before they reach the germination stage and emerge, hence the term “pre-emergent.” But what do they have to do with you? Simple enough, if you’ve got a yard, you’ve got landscaping; and that landscaping needs to be properly taken care of to stay healthy, green, and free of weeds and pests. So add pre-emergent herbicides to your list of lawn care weaponry; and as fall sets a course firmly on track for winter, make sure that your arsenal is ready to face the cold war.

Logically enough, just as pre-emergent weed killers are classified as such because they prevent weed emergence, herbicides that have been classified as a post-emergence herbicide are applied after the germination and emergence of a weed. Whether they have applied pre- or post-emergence, however, herbicides are an important step in properly maintaining a landscape; so check with an expert on when to apply pre-emergent herbicides. Most likely, they’ll wisely advise you to leave it all to them and offer you their lawn spraying services. After all, they know what they’re doing and when to do it; and you didn’t really relish the idea of adding that toy your to-do list, did you?


Ideally, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied in fall, as part of your fall landscaping maintenance plan. It’s the time of year when weeds haven’t gone into their active growth cycle yet, which means you’ll be heading them off at the pass rather than doing damage control. This is especially beneficial to keeping your winter annuals free of weeds, but it’s also great for your hopes having of a weed-less summer.

A fall application of pre-emergent herbicides also means that the microorganisms that live in the soil and break them down aren’t going to start working as fast as they do in warmer weather when the higher temperature of the soil speeds along the breakdown process. Fast breakdowns mean a reduction in the herbicide’s ability to control weeds, which means you’ll have to fend them off more often.

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