Think Hard about Hardscape Contractors

Hiring a team of professional hardscape contractors is important for anyone planning a hardscape project, but there are certain considerations that will need just as much attention as the project itself––including the company you hire.

Do Your Research on Hardscape Contractors

Much like any construction project, hardscape installations can become complicated; and as you search the market for local hardscape contractors, it’s crucial to do your homework. Any legitimate hardscape contractors should be fully insured, but it’s also important to check their their official references. Most well-established hardscape contractors will be licensed building contractors and hold certification through the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association), and it may also be wise to contact county authorities regarding any necessary industry licenses, certification, or education required in your area.

Their history can provide you with great insight into the quality of their work, as well. Visiting some of their past and current clients is an ideal way to see for yourself what they might be capable of creating, and it will give you an opportunity to talk to their clients directly regarding their own experiences with that company.

Find Hardscape Contractors Who Fit the Bill––and Bill to Fit

The specific type of hardscape you’re considering is also important to keep in mind. Some hardscape contractors are more specialized to particular projects or may be less experienced with certain products and materials––all of which play key factors in how well they might suit your needs.

Reputable hardscape contractors will willingly offer you a detailed, documented estimate for your hardscape project. Ideally, any bid they present will be attractively priced, with a reasonable timeline. But as you consider the total, be aware that the lowest bid isn’t always the best. In fact, it could actually be a warning sign. If the price they’re quoting seems too low, contact a few other hardscape contractors to verify what might be typical to your area and the scope of your project.

Before officially hiring any hardscape contractors, request a written contract. Having legal documentation to support you in case of any future complications is vital; and it will also provide you with a reference of fee scheduling; timeline; and any materials, products, or equipment to be used in the completion of your hardscape.

When it comes to laying the groundwork to achieving a beautiful property, the hardscape contractors at Executive Landscaping, Inc., have earned a reputation for being the best of the best.

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At Executive Landscaping, Inc., our licenses include:

  • Florida Irrigation Contractor
  • Florida Residential Builder
  • Louisiana Landscape Contractor
  • Mississippi Landscape/Irrigation Contractor
  • Alabama Department of Agriculture Landscape/Irrigation Contractor

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we’re proud to say that we hold certifications including:

  • Florida Residential Builder
  • National Concrete Masonry Certified
  • Maxicom Certified
  • Rainbird Select Contractor
  • Kichler Premier Contractor
  • Syncroflow Certified
  • National Irrigation Association Certified

We carry insurance and bonding as required by Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi, and we’ll gladly provide proof of insurance and bonding along with our estimates or as part of a bid package.

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