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Top 5 Gorgeous Growing Vines


Top 5 Growing Vines

When you’ve got a limited amount of horizontal space to grow plants, it really limits your options for great landscaping. One of the best ways to add some life and color to your outside space is by creating vertical structures like pergolas or trellises with growing vines. Some vines are better than others in terms of their ability to sustain themselves and how much visual interest they actually add, so consulting with a landscape professional as you make your selection is definitely a wise move.

Easy Growing Ivy

When you’re planning on growing vines, ivy is ideal because it’s autonomous and has a natural affinity for clinging to structures. Ivy is especially great because it grows both in shaded areas as well as sunny spots and adapts well to a wide variety of climates – something that Floridians can greatly appreciate. It also offers the benefit of being easy to grow and making quite a decorative statement.

Fruity Vines

Passionflower is another great option for someone considering growing vines because of how easy they are to grow. They have beautiful flowers whose rosy-white petals and blue or velvet filaments grow fruits that are fresh and like citrus.

Jazz Out with Jasmine

Love jasmine? Jasmine is perfect for trellises and pergolas because of its robustness and ease of care. It blooms during most months of the year and has a very heady fragrance. Jasmine is also very thick when it matures, which is a major plus if you want to create shade. If you’re going for something more on the delicate side, however, you might want to head in a different direction.

Growing Romance

Enter wisteria – the growing vine whose pretty bunches of blue-lilac blooms are a cascade of color that have undeniable romantic charm. These lovelies are a great way to add a touch of color to a pergola, especially if you’re looking for options in entryway landscaping that makes your home stand out from every other house on the block.

Cheer Up and Grow On

Next consider the bougainvillea, an evergreen species that is extremely draught-resistant. Let’s repeat that: Bougainvillea is drought-resistant. Yay for Floridians looking for options in growing vines – especially if you’re not someone with a green thumb. Bougainvillea is best suited for south-facing areas and has brightly colored leaves that surround small, cream-colored flowers. If you’re looking for something with a cheery and lively appearance, bougainvillea is the best bet.

If you’re working on a landscape design plan and want to add growing vines, work with a professional team of landscapers to determine which type is best for your space and the type of look you want to achieve. At Executive Landscaping we create masterpiece pergolas and trellis structures that add visual appeal and make your home unique. We offer you solutions that suit your needs and bring your vision to life.

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