A True Cut Above: Winning the Open Space Award

A True Cut Above: Winning the Open Space Award

As a historic community, Pensacola has long made it a priority to maintain, preserve, and celebrate the beautiful scenery of the city. We’ve done our utmost to put environmental initiatives in place that respect nature while still continuing the cultural and business growth of the area. Perhaps one of the greatest reflections of those efforts is Vince Whibbs, Sr., Maritime Park, a mixed-use open plan space on Bayfront where the community can come together to work, play, learn, and enjoy events that enliven the city and set us apart. Enriching the community with such a development is a notable accomplishment, and that accomplishment has now officially been rewarded. In 2016, Maritime Park was presented with the Open Space Award for its excellence in planning, construction, economic vitality and management, and design as a development project by the Urban Land Institute of North Florida.

Opening Up Beauty

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we take great pride in our city and the services we provide to the local community in both residential landscaping as well as a commercial landscaping service. We’ve had the honor of being part of the team responsible for bringing the plans for Maritime Park to fruition and maintaining those beautiful spaces. We feel that the Open Space Award highlights the dedication we take in each and every project we take on. For us, the Open Space Award is an incentive to maintain our own level of excellence. Excellence not only as professional landscapers, but also as members of a community that should be recognized for its beauty and uniqueness.

The Perfect Place to Park

Take a trip downtown to experience for yourself all that Maritime Park has to offer. With an amphitheater space for live entertainment and a multi-use stadium perfect for sports events, Maritime Park is certainly impressive. But its mixed-use plan is given even more game with a large playground that encourages the development of social, educational, and physical skills; and exhibition and festival grounds ideal for hosting large-scale outdoor festivals and events. With all this fun in a setting within view of Pensacola Bay, it’s easy to see why Maritime Park has won the prestige of being given the Open Space Award. We welcome you to our city, and we welcome you to spend a day at the park.

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