Turf and Shrub pH Adjustment

On the Level

Even if you’re not into science, you’ve likely heard of pH; but just what those two letters have to do with gardening may mystify you. pH levels are a chemical property of plants, animals, people…even dirt, measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 0 containing the highest amount of acidity and 14 being the greatest level of alkalinity. The neutral point between the two is, of course, 7.

Though you may not have realized it, having the proper pH balance in your soil is crucial to maintaining the health of your turf and shrubs. Think of your property as a body—your body requires certain pH levels to function at its peak, and so does your property. Landscaping requires its own unique pH level in order to grow and thrive; but that level isn’t always one that comes naturally to the environment around it, which means that you may have to take some proactive steps to bring the level into balance.

The Leveling Ground

You’ve already made an investment in your property, but part of protecting that investment is keeping it well maintained from the inside out, or from the soil to the surface—which isn’t possible if pH levels are off. PH affects factors like the availability of essential nutrients to your plants and is directly related to the microorganisms in the soil—which means that having soil that is too acidic or alkaline will eventually starve your turf and shrubs, leaving your landscaping looking depleted and you feeling defeated.

Leveling Your Bets

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep an eye on those pH levels, especially if you’re the average property owner. You’ve got a full enough schedule keeping your household and work commitments balanced, so thinking about the ways your turf and shrubs might be unbalanced is probably the last thing you need to add to your list. But even if you do have the time, do you have the knowledge? How do you know what you’re looking at is a sign of pH balance issues, and how can you treat them? Are there ways from falling out of balance?

Fortunately, turf and shrub pH adjustment is something that most landscaping maintenance companies provide as part of their lawn spraying services. They’re knowledgeable, well-trained, and equipped with all the right tools for testing your soil and diagnosing imbalances, and they’ll also have everything needed to treat those areas where turf and shrub pH adjustments are necessary. They’ll also be able to provide you with options for regularly scheduled treatments specifically designed to maintain any turf and shrub pH adjustment they’ve made and prevent problems in the future, when seasonal changes and other environmental factors have their greatest tendency to become health hazards.

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