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Turf and Shrub Soil Analysis

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful, healthy-looking property with lush lawns and trees, shrubs, and gardened spaces that reflect the pride and care you’ve taken to achieve that breathtaking landscape. Unfortunately, conditions aren’t always ideal for what you might be envisioning, but without getting some down and dirty facts on what hidden potential–or lack there-of–lies beneath the surface, you might be coming up short when it comes to seeing a return on your investment. Fortunately, there are ways not only to find out what your yard might be dealing with, but also for pinpointing how best to solve those issues so that your landscaping plans can fully blossom.

Analyzing the Situation

One of the best ways to assess the situation is by hiring a professional landscaping maintenance team to take a look at your lawn and collect some samples to use as part of a turf and shrub soil analysis, which will give you some hard and fast facts about the viability of growing turf or shrubs in your particular soil. Sure, the neighbor next to you might have the greenest garden you’ve ever laid eyes on, but his soil might differ from your soil. Each property is unique, with characteristics that set it apart and require special attention; and while he might enjoy the fruits of a well-balanced system, your little plot of Earth might need a little bit of therapy.

A Clear Assessment

Depending on the results that come from your turf and shrub soil analysis, you might be able to solve an issue quite simply. You’ll be provided with a full evaluation and recommendations for caring for your yard so that it can actually become a place where grass and shrubs will not only survive, but thrive. Sometimes, it’s a matter of utilizing regularly scheduled lawn spraying services or adding a few key nutrients to an area that might be lacking; sometimes it will take more time and a bit of intense treatment. Whatever the case may be, an official study of your soil can give you a more accurate assessment of your property, analyzing the biological activity, the texture, the pH level, and the content of organic matter content of your soil so that you know how to proceed. So analyze this: to plant or not to plant? That is the question.

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