Turf Wars: Seeding vs. Sodding

Depending on the size or your property and the present condition of your lawn, winning the battle of seeding versus sodding can be fairly simple or surpassingly complex. There are factors to consider as you get to the root of the question: What kind of grass do you currently have growing on your lawn? Does it seem to be thriving, or is it gasping for its last breath? Is it a type that is visually appealing to you, or would you rather see something else in its place? Once you’ve answered those questions, you might realize that there’s more to rolling out the green carpet than you initially thought—but even if your lawn is a yawn, there are solutions that can take baldness to beauty and leave you with a head-turning turf that sets off a neighborhood war.

Facts for the Fight

Naturally, some yards are better candidates for seeding than they are for sodding, and vice versa, so identifying the advantages and disadvantages of both methods for growing green will be an important part of developing a landscaping plan of action. Seeding is often a more inexpensive route, offers a wider range of options in type and variety of grasses than sod, and generally develops a stronger route system as it grows in. Unfortunately, it can also take longer to take hold, has a smaller window of opportunity for application during the year, and requires a bit more care to keep it hydrated. Sodding, on the other hand, can be a quicker fix for anyone looking for immediate satisfaction and is usually free of weeds. It’s also an ideal option for areas of a property that has sloping or a propensity for erosion; and, unlike seeds, the time-frame for laying sod is much larger, as long as it falls within the growing season. Nonetheless, there are a few drawbacks to sod; it can be staggeringly expensive to purchase those pallets if your property is a large one, and you’ll likely be limited to a much smaller selection of type when it comes to your turf.

Verdant Victory

Whether you choose to sod or to seed, hiring a professional landscaping maintenance company can be a great tool in your arsenal when you’re waging the turf war. Know where you stand and line up your plan—pretty soon you’ll be wearing the victor’s crown.

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