Which Type Lawn Fertilizer Is Best: Liquid Products Or Dry Products?

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While there are many types of lawn fertilizers, most of them fall into one of two main categories. These categories are liquid and dry. Dry fertilizers for lawns tend to be granular and come in a bag. Liquid lawn fertilizers can be purchased in bottles or professionally sprayed on to lawns. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Liquid Fertilizers:


Professional Quality: They are often used by professional lawn care services.
Even Spread: Fertilizer in liquid form is easy to evenly spread across a lawn. This process ensures that all areas of a lawn grow evenly, and it prevents you from discoloring your lawn if you follow the instructions on the package.
Loss Of Product: It is less likely that the product will be spilled as you are carrying it to your lawn.
Application To Roots: If you have garden plants in your lawn, it is best to apply fertilizer directly to their roots. Luckily, this is possible with fertilizers in liquid form.
Rapid Effect: It is possible to see the benefits of applying many liquid fertilizers almost immediately. This fast pace is because it gets to leaves and roots quickly. The rapid absorption of the liquid is especially important in dry climates.

Disadvantages Of Liquid Products:

Grass Burns: If the instructions are not followed, it is possible that fertilizers in liquid form could burn your lawn. It could also cause streaks on a lawn and discolor plants.
Storm Drain Pollution: It is possible that the fertilizer could leech into storm drains. In some cases, this could result in significant pollution of local waterways. Widespread use of these fertilizers could result in a significant amount of pollution.
Leeching Too Deep Into The Soil To Be Absorbed: The solution could go so far into the soil that it cannot be absorbed. This can cause the fertilizer to be completely ineffective. This is particularly likely with certain soil types, and it can necessitate multiple applications of the liquid.

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Dry Fertilizer:


Long Lasting: Granular fertilizers are absorbed slowly, and this causes their effects to be longer lasting. Depending on weather conditions and soil, their effect can last between one and nine months. This especially true with slow release fertilizers.
Less Damage To Plants: If the fertilizer is released slowly, it is less likely to cause harm to plants.
Can Be Less Harmful Chemicals: Organic fertilizers tend to have less hazardous chemicals than other forms of fertilizer, and these products are often available in granular form.


You May Have To Wait For Effects: It can take a significant amount of time to see the benefits of granular fertilizers. This is especially true when plants suffered from deficiencies of nutrients.
Climate Requirements: It is essential for granular fertilizers to be used in the right climatic conditions. They require warm and moist conditions. In addition, they require a specific soil PH.
Burned Grass Can Occur: While burned grass is not common when granular fertilizer is used, it can occur if it is applied unevenly. In other cases, it can simply cause streaks to form.

Which One Is Usually Better?

It is highly variable and depends on several factors. Granular fertilizer is usually ideal in areas where liquid products are likely to get into storm drains. Granular lawn fertilizers also tend to be the best product for use on fragile lawns and in circumstances when the product can’t be regularly re-applied.

If you need fast results or are doing commercial landscaping, it is usually extremely important to choose a liquid product. They also are generally the best pick in climates that are dry. Furthermore, liquid products are best for situations where lawn fertilizer must be applied to the roots of plants.

It is best to contact a residential landscaping professional to help you choose the best fertilizer for your home. Executive Landscaping can help you determine what type of fertilizer is best for your needs. If you would like to have fertilizers professionally applied to your lawn, give Executive Landscaping a call or ask us directly!