Types of Weeds

Get the Lead on Weeds

Despite the tendency to generalize a weed as a weed and lump them all together as one big headache, there actually are many different types of weeds, all with their very own wonderful attributes…So even though a weed is a weed and you don’t like weeds, all of those types of weeds means that different treatments will work better for some than others; and if you want to effectively win the war on weeds, you’ll need to know how to win the battles.

Weeding Things Out

One of the biggest factors in achieving weed-free landscaping is, of course, knowing how to identify weeds. There are plenty of common lawn weeds that everyone knows at first sight, but even some of those more unfamiliar garden weeds can really threaten your chances of keeping your curb appeal. Fortunately, landscaping maintenance companies offer lawn spraying services to treat various types of weeds and can provide you with a range of landscaping solutions to ensure that the weeds won’t feed on the
beauty of your property.

Know Your Enemy

So what are some of the most common types of weeds that you should know?

  • Dandelions: They’re usually yellow flowers that will later mature to white puffballs and can often be found in lawns and gardens. Dandelions can be prevented from over-running garden beds simply by using mulch, while post-emergent herbicides will be of great use in controlling their growth in lawns.
  • Oxalis: These weeds generally have light green clover-like leaves with cup-shaped flowers that emerge in summer and fall. As with dandelions, mulching and the use of post-emergent herbicides can easily control oxalis.
  • Crabgrass: This grassy-looking weed has seed heads that spread out in finger-like configurations of four and take root anywhere that the stem makes contact with the soil. Mulch is a great garden space preventative, while lawns can be spot treated with post-emergent herbicides or given preventative care of pre-emergent herbicide treatments.
  • Bindweeds: These weeds are vine-like and generally have arrowhead shaped leaves and pale pink or white flowers that resemble those of morning glories. To prevent them from growing in gardens, use mulch. Plants already in the growth stage can be controlled by cutting them away and then easily be treated with applications of post-emergent herbicides.

Don’t let weeds take over your efforts of achieving a beautiful landscape! Call the experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc., today!