Vertical Gardening

A Growing Trend In Gardening

For the DIY-er with a green thumb, vertical gardening has become quite the growing trend, taking low maintenance landscaping and shaking it up a bit—up being the operative word.

One might attribute it, at least in part, to the rise of the foodie—those demanding denizens of the dish who delve into food whole heartedly and raise the cause for farm to table cooking, naturally necessitating freshly-picked ingredients. Even the more urban set is trying their hand at growing edible plants, welcoming the idea of having easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs whenever their hearts desire, finding great satisfaction in planting a seed and reaping rewards that they can literally sink their teeth into.

For those whose desire to grow something are purely aesthetic, the appeal of gardening has still been quite explosive in recent years, as the ready return of seeing colors bloom and flourish under their hand has proven worth the investment of their time, even when they have only a few minutes here and there to lavish on their planted projects.

Vertically Verdant

Whatever the cause may be, more and more individuals have been exercising that green thumb; and so they’ve cast an eye on every available area to make their gardens grow, even when a lack of space might seem stunting.

It would only make sense, then, that modern gardens have been redefined; and now the installation of a roof garden seems just as commonplace as the more traditional courtyard gardens. After all, not everyone lives in an area with access to enough property to achieve a fully-fledged garden; some, in fact, only have access to fences, balcony railings, or walls. In answer to that, vertical landscaping provides the perfect way to grow everything from seasonal flowers to fruit vines, ditching the dirt on the ground and making vertical surfaces the growing field, requiring only the installation of wall planters that allow root systems to breathe and encourage a proper balance of water consumption and drainage.

These are the urbanites’ dream come true, opening up the possibility that they, too, can enjoy more green spaces for themselves without the worry of maintaining an entire property, putting nature within reach without having to pack it into a pot.

Be Directionally Minded

A few things to consider before you install your vertical garden:

  • Search out plants that require less soil saturation and more drainage. Vertical gardens have a faster drainage rate that traditional gardens.
  • How far and fast will it spread? Being able to access it will greatly affect your ability to maintain it properly.
  • What type of weather do they weather? If their growing seasons are not truly conducive to your climate patterns, your wall will quickly turn from dynamic to dead.

Don’t let a lack of space stunt your dreams of gardening! Let the experienced team of landscaping maintenance professionals at Executive Landscaping, Inc., offer you advice on your custom landscaping project today!