Walking in Winter Wonderland Yard Decorations

winter wonderland

Here along the Gulf Coast, when winter rolls around, we don’t have the same visual cues other areas of the country do. We don’t get snowy sidewalks or glistening trees dressed in icicles. We do, however, experience serious drops in temperature that make us scratch our heads and wonder if we’re still in Florida, chills so bone-cutting that we rejoice that snow hasn’t come our way. But even so, we still want to feel – and see – the festivity of the season…And that’s where winter wonderland yard decorations come into play. 

Naturally, winter wonderland yard decorations are subjective. Some people prefer the minimalist approach, while others go full-on North Pole. Whatever the inspiration, winter is the perfect time to get into the spirit and have fun with your yard, as the sprightly colors of spring and summer have given way to a less-than-cheerful landscape that could really use some sprucing up. 

Garlands of Greenery

Speaking of spruce, try decking your front porch area with garlands of spruce and berries intertwined with twinkle lights. Wrap the garlands around posts and rails or drape them from the front eaves, and everyone who walks past your home will instantly see the charm without being smacked in such a literal sense. It’s a classier, more minimal touch that still conveys the message of wintery wonderland. 

Get Imaginative 

Admittedly, some of the most popular winter wonderland yard decorations still include a lot of kitsch. And, why not? ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but think about ways of decorating that are festive without being overly typical. Making your yard stand out from everyone else’s on the block is half the fun, so use your imagination and try something more imaginative like non-traditional colors or even spin-offs from the expected. Instead of Frosty the Snowman, how about Frostina the Snow-woman? 

Think about curb appeal while you’re at it. What do you want people to see and feel when they pass your home? Do you want them to laugh with delight at the sight of your winter wonderland yard decorations or sigh in wonder? Depending on what you choose, that vision should also translate from day to night, so think about lighting and how your picturesque little vignette plays out once the stars come out. 

Decorative Doorways 

Simple touches to add to your winter wonderland yard decorations include festive wreaths hung on the door. DIY wreaths are a great way to inject personal style and use the colors that you love, rather than sticking to the color schemes predetermined by the selection you find in the store, so get crafty. Make your doorway even more of a statement piece by fully draping it in garland and faux sugared fruits. 

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Dressed in Holiday Lights 

Drape the trees in your front or side yards in twinkle lights and use the simple color of white lights to keep things cohesive, warm and sophisticated without losing any of the winter wonderland charm factor. Add a little more glitz and glam to the mix with shatterproof, outdoor-safe ornaments like decorative balls in a beautiful array of colors, and carry the lights and ornaments going along the front perimeter of the house. 

Illuminate with Luminaries 

Set off your winter wonderland yard decorations with luminaries flanking your front walkways and along your driveways. The warm lighting gives off a magical effect after sundown, and who doesn’t love seeing that warm and cheery glow? 

At Executive Landscape, Inc., we’ve been serving clients all along the Gulf Coast for years and hold a reputation of providing quality service that keeps their landscapes worthy of whatever winter wonderland yard decorations they love. That’s our gift to them, and it’s one that never loses its magic. 

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