Watering Plants

Stop the Soak

Watering plants is usually considered a good thing; but, as is the case with anything good, there is such a thing as too much of it. Signs of overwatering aren’t always readily apparent because they can easily be mistaken as signs of being dehydrated, and soon you’re in a damaging spiral, drowning plants that would benefit from having the chance to dry off. Watering plants actually takes a bit of research. Sure, the actual task is simple in itself; but knowing when and how much is important in ensuring that you’re not doing more harm than good.


As the weather warms up, you’ll likely be thinking about ramping up the hydration factor. But before you turn on the taps full throttle, consult with an expert in irrigation landscaping services who can provide you with sound advice on which areas of your landscaping need more or less water. Certain plants and grasses are big drinkers, while others are slow sippers and will only drown if you water them frequently.

Some of the most common signs of watering plants too much include:

• Wilting: Your soil is obviously moist, but the plants are still drooping. The cause is likely that the roots are drowning in the excess moisture; all of that water is cutting off the plant’s oxygen supply, so it can’t get the air it needs to survive.
• Growth stunts and yellowing: If you’re regularly watering your plants but have noticed that their growth is at a standstill and their leaves are more yellow than green, you’re probably giving them too much to drink.
• Blister-like growths: Watering plants too much can result in the roots having to absorb more moisture than they can actually use, and all of the excess causes pressure in the cells of the plant’s leaves. When the cells burst, they die and a blister is formed in their place; and as those blisters eventually erupt, they cause wart-like growths to appear on the surfaces of the leaves.

Water Wisdom

Correctly watering plants is an important part of any successful landscaping project. Never assume that all plants are created equal in their need to be hydrated, so do your due diligence before you’re left drenched in regret.

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