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Schedule for Lawn Spraying Services

What’s on the Schedule for Lawn Spraying Services?

Like any living thing, your lawn follows the dictates of nature when it comes to how and when it grows…or doesn’t. And because we don’t live in a perfect world, there are certain ways in which certain areas of the country wreak havoc on your lawn, whether that means the dirt is bone dry and completely devoid of anything resembling a nutrient or you’re in a zone that’s prone to greedy little grubs who eat grass like they’re at a free buffet. Whatever the case may be, chances are, your lawn will need a helping hand, so in order to win the turf war, talk to a landscape maintenance professional about the types of lawn spraying services and other types of care that may need to happen during the year to keep your green at its greenest.

All Planned Out

Most lawn spraying treatments generally follow the same schedule, though there will be variances according to your area of the country. Get ready to get out your calendar and take some notes…

  • In January and February, the lawn should be sprayed with weed killers and horticultural oils called pre-emergents; it’s an ideal time, since the growth cycle hasn’t kicked into gear yet, and you’ll be heading things off at the pass.[gap size=”10px”]
  • As the earliest part of the warming trend toward spring, March is one of the best times to get out the horticultural oils to start spraying your shrubs and flowerbeds and applying shrub fertilizers. As things cool down again in October, you’ll need another application of horticultural oil. Winter is on its way, which means your plants will be vulnerable to pests and diseases that come alive when the temps take a dive.[gap size=”10px”]
  • Fertilize your lawn and plan on another application of pre-emergent in April. Your lawn is starting to wake up, and by fertilizing it, you’re putting out nutrients that could be stolen by weeds, if they’re given a chance. Pre-emergents will prevent that possibility, so think of them as one of your best allies all year long.[gap size=”10px”]
  • May brings on the grass-greedy bugs, so now’s the time to treat your lawn with insecticide.[gap size=”10px”]
  • Fertilize your shrubs in June; summer heat hasn’t fully set in yet, so the fertilizer can work its magic in time to get things growing and blooming before hot weather becomes too much of a challenge.[gap size=”10px”]
  • July and August will bring on the turf fertilizer again, to be followed with pre-emergent in September. The year is winding down and working its way to cooler weather, when growing starts slowing and grass starts storing up everything available to sustain it through winter. By fertilizing now, you’re giving it extra food for the months ahead.[gap size=”10px”]
  • Have your turf and shrubs analyzed to see if their pH levels are balanced in November, and make any needed adjustments in December. You’ll want to start the year off right, so get things in order now, and when spring comes around you’ll be ready to bloom and grow.

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