When to Apply Pre-Emergent

Time’s Up

Pre-emergent, or turf pre-emergent, is a type of herbicides formulated to prevent the germination of weeds and stop them from ever beginning to grow. Knowing when to apply pre-emergent depends mostly on the climate and natural growth schedule within a particular zone or region of the country, and because they must be applied before weeds begin their growth cycles, the best time to consider this treatment is around two weeks before the weeds begin to announce themselves. If you aren’t horticulturally minded, one of the easiest ways to estimate your window of opportunity is to note and observe when weeds in your area generally emerge. Obviously, if you’re looking out at your landscaping and seeing some unwelcome guests at your garden party, you’re a little bit too late for the pre-emergent to be effective during this particular cycle of germination, but take note and be prepared for next year’s events.

Along the Gulf Coast, the ideal time to apply pre-emergent is between February and April, in advance of the spring and summer seasons, and September, to stave off the start of fall’s line-up of pesky players.

Don’t Be Tardy…

Believe it or not, applying pre-emergent once the weeds have already begun to grow will be counter-productive to your efforts of achieving a healthy, weed-free lawn. Not only will it be ineffective, but it will be a waste of time, money, and even have the potential to pollute the soil, the ground water, and any other nearby due to the fact that it hasn’t been absorbed. There is, however, such a thing as applying it too early, as well. It may seem like you’re being prudent and proactive, but there really is no wisdom in jumping the gun; and applying a pre-emergent prematurely will actually cause it to be weathered away and become diluted, offering the weeds a clear shot at germination.

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For most property owners, the best way to know exactly when to apply pre-emergent and successfully hit target times is to hire a landscaping maintenance team, one with an expertise in lawn spraying services. They’ll be far more prepared and often far more effective, simply because they have the training and the knowledge necessary to beating the weeds at their own game, leaving you free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your lawn with weed-less wonder.

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