Where Do I Get Landscaping Rocks?


Any landscaping project takes time, vision and money. It also takes planning and attention to detail, if you want to achieve a masterpiece that adds curb appeal, rather than looking like something haphazardly thrown together. Aside from the obvious plants, trees, shrubs and flowers, there are various accents of the non-organic kind that add a lot of appeal to your outdoor space – not the least of which are landscaping rocks.

If you’re the hands-on type who doesn’t mind a little hard work, you can actually get those hands on landscaping rocks without having to go to the local nursery or home improvement store and shell out for them. As landscaping rocks can become quite pricey, that simple fact offers a nice break for your wallet. Plus, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of knowing they’ve found the treasure they’ve been on a quest to find? Do a little digging, a little hunting and a little hauling – maybe a little sweet-talking – and you’ll have all the landscaping rocks you need without ever spending a cent.

Rock Out at Construction Sites

Construction sites that are excavating the ground are often a great source for landscaping rocks, as they’ll likely have unearthed some rocks that must be hauled away at a later time. Ask and you’ll probably receive, as those pesky rocks they’re digging up can become your very own landscaping rocks if you agree to haul them away instead.

Farming for Rocks

Farmlands are another goldmine for landscaping rocks, since rocks don’t exactly ease the task of tilling the soil or planting crops. Check out a local farm, and you might find yourself chatting up a farmer who’d be more than willing to let you take any rocks he’s been collecting off his hands before he has to haul them all himself.

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Rocky Road

Road construction projects often yield a ready supply of rocks that result from blasting, so dial a local road construction crew to check on the availability of rocks that can find new life in your landscaping project. Be sure to call rather than making a site visit, however. It’s a safer way to make your request, and you’ll probably get a more positive response.

Be a Rockhound

If you’re looking for a new hobby that’s actually useful, try rockhounding. You’ll get to go on a scavenger hunt for rocks in places like national forests and many other off-the-beaten-path areas, though you’ll have to avoid the temptation of trying it in a National Park.

Rock the Curb

Watch the curbs while you’re out driving around in spring and summer, when a lot of people are doing landscaping projects and giving their yards a makeover. When they haul their cast-offs to the curb, they sometimes leave landscaping rocks just ripe for the picking. It’s a win-win, as you’ll have a new piece for your landscaping and they’ll have one last thing to dispose of.

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