Why Is Landscaping Important


Why is Landscaping Important?

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about landscaping much further than it being a “finisher” for a property, kind of like an accessory around a building or a home. And yes, it’s certainly significant for adding curb appeal, but the importance of landscaping is actually far more than you might realize in terms of how it impacts everything around it.

How Landscaping Affects People

Think about how you feel when you look at a beautifully landscaped space. You’re most likely calmer, more relaxed, more in touch with your own mind and body and more appreciative of your surroundings. That doesn’t make you all-kum-baya. It makes you a living, breathing being. It’s only natural to look at green things and feel that way. It’s actually a scientifically proven fact that being in nature is stimulating to the senses and lowers stress levels, makes people more productive even keeps them healthier. Which is why so many researchers conduct studies on the importance of landscaping to the workforce and encouraging employees to get out in nature during the work-day.

The Economic Importance of Landscaping

The importance of landscaping extends to the local economy, as well. More attractive landscaping attracts people to residential areas to invest in homes or buy property, while well-landscaped commercial properties also draw a higher concentration of clientele. People naturally gravitate to those areas and want to spend time there. Naturally enough, that also means a boom to tourism. People want to vacation in areas that have picturesque landscaping, whether that means beautifully manicured gardens or sprawling parks. The more lush and green, the more enticing it is to people looking for an escape somewhere beautiful and relaxing.

The Important Work of a Landscape

Not that it’s all play and no work. In fact, the importance of landscaping has a direct correlation to farming, forestry and horticulture – all of which create jobs and produce crops and other natural resources exported all over the world. Those things also help create an identity for an area. The Garden State, the Bluegrass State…all because of a little thing called “landscape.”

The Environmental Importance of Landscaping

The importance of landscaping is also reflected in the environmental impact it has. Landscaping provides habitats for a wide variety of wildlife, creating a more robust population of butterflies and bees, birds and other beneficial creatures who make their homes there. So, too, does the importance of landscaping show itself during the rainy season. The more landscaping there is, the greater the ability to absorb rainwater. Concrete absorbs nothing; and as development reduces heavily wooded areas that suck up the rainwater, the importance of landscaping becomes all the more evident. Trees, plants and grassed areas pull their weight by drinking up all of that moisture that would otherwise have no place else to go, which would cause flooding.

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