Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass?


Will Landscaping Fabric Kill Grass?

Keeping grass healthy, vibrantly green and lush is naturally a task anywhere –much more so in Florida, where the temperature often swings wildly and the extreme heat taxes plants to their breaking point. We also battle against the humidity and our lack of naturally nutrient-dense soil, working instead with sandy dirt that requires so much more attention to create a good growing environment for grass. Battling against the odds often leaves people too frustrated to continue the fight, and they opt instead to replace the sod with shrubs, rocks, ground cover plants that take well to the conditions or even hardscaping features including gravel or patios. Killing existing sod quickly is a task in itself, but laying landscaping fabric is often used as an effective way to speed the process without the use of harsh chemicals or resorting to breaking out the shovels.

Landscape Fabric Facts

Landscaping fabric is breathable and water permeable but blocks out the sunlight that seeds require for germination. Keep in mind, however, that the use of organic materials such as wood mulch or topsoil speeds the breakdown of landscaping fabric and ultimately allows weeds and grass to grow through the fabric. For that reason, if the ultimate goal is killing the sod, landscaping fabric is only a temporary solution – especially if you want to spread organic materials like mulch or topsoil over the area. Alternatively, non-organic materials like pea gravel or rocks help ensure that the sod below dies out as much as possible. Again, it provides a temporary solution to the sod and WILL kill some of the grass. But the most efficient method of sod removal is to do it old-school and dig it up to create a clean, sod-free area where your new plans will take shape.

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Material Matters

Temporary fix facts aside, landscaping fabric is still a great solution for landscaping projects in areas that you want to make – or keep – grass-free. Planting ground cover plants or shrubs becomes an easier task, as the fabric covers existing sod in the immediacy and helps prevent weeds and new grass from sprouting up.

How to Lay Landscaping Fabric

Laying landscaping fabric is fairly simple. Cut the grass as short as possible – no need to worry about cutting it too short – and then lay the fabric over the grass. Pull the material

tight and secure it with landscape clips, using as many as you need to ensure a tight fit over the sod. Overlap each piece of sod so that no gaps exist, then cover it with whatever material you’ve chosen.

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