Don’t Let the Cold Curb You: Creating Winter Curb Appeal

There’s no denying that winter can really put a damper on your mood. But it can also put a damper on the look of your landscape, which certainly doesn’t do anything to warm your winter-chilled heart. But having winter curb appeal may be easier than you think, if you just make a few adjustments to your property that will stand up to the drop in temperatures when winter sets in. Naturally, you’ll need to check off the basics for winter lawn care, making sure that you’ve done the pre-season maintenance that comes with even the most bare-bones landscape. But you don’t get real curb appeal by doing the bare minimum, and the experts have a few simple curb appeal tips that will take even the bleakest of winter landscapes and transform them into the best on the block.

Get Growing

Add some cold-hardy plants to your yard. Winter curb appeal is easily added with things like winter flowers and winter shrubs that keep things looking colorful and vibrant, even when everything else seems to be looking a bit dull.

Tap Into Beauty

Creating curb appeal in the winter isn’t all about planting things; and adding movement to your yard with water features like waterfalls, ponds, or fountains can be a simple change that reaps big rewards.

Paint On the Charm

Winter curb appeal can be taken up another notch with a can of paint. Painting the front door can freshen things up, and choosing a lively color can inject some brightness into the look of your landscape. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your winter curb appeal ideas, either. Painting the door might not be the only reason to break out the brushes and dip into some color. In fact, a boldly painted fence in your front yard will be eye-catching and fun; and you’ll really stand out from every other home in your neighborhood. And while you’re taking a street-side view of things trying to figure out how to add curb appeal in the winter, don’t overlook your mailbox. Having a unique mailbox is great for any season; and when winter gets a little dreary, a peppy mailbox brings fun to the curb.

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