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Winter Landscape

Keep Things Glowing When the Growing is Slowing

A winter landscape doesn’t have to look cold or uninviting, even when the season seems at its harshest. Your green thumb might feel frozen, but that hardly means you’re out of options when it comes to keeping your landscaping at its best, so flex those mittened fingers and add a few simple touches that will make your property glow.

Fire Things Up

Consider a new hardscape design element like an outdoor fireplace or a firepit. They create a warm and inviting space to gather, and the ambient glow of the firelight will melt away the winter blues. Set up comfortable seating so that you feel like lingering, and add areas of light throughout your yard so that nightfall doesn’t have to chase you back inside. Having a great landscape lighting design will not only give you a great way to highlight your lawn; but it will help you capitalize on outdoor living all year long, no matter how dark those winter nights get.

Don’t Forget Your Coat

Don’t just mend your fences…paint them. Painting fences and gates will freshen them up and keep them looking well-maintained in a season when many homeowners turn a blind eye to landscaping maintenance, but your winter landscape can perk right up with a pop of color from that newly-painted surface. Choose a vibrant color that will compliment the look of your home, but also one that won’t disappear into the background.

Before you clean your brushes, give your exterior doors a new winter coat. Much like your fences and gates, doors are a simple but very impactful way of adding some visual interest and color in a season when things can look bleak and bleary. Go bold and select festive shades like bright red, or bring in some sun with yellow. Think of the paint aisle as your creativity center and let yourself loose!

Stay In Bloom Through Winter’s Gloom

Take off your mittens and pull on your gardening gloves. Add some cold-weather blooms and colorful shrubs to your garden so that when everything else seems to be under the sleepy spell of the season, your property looks wide-eyed with winter wonder.

Don’t let your winter dull your days! Give the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc., a call for some great ways to enhance your winter landscape today!