Winter Lawn Care Fights the Freeze

As fall fades into the sunset, prudent property owners will find themselves facing the new challenges of winter lawn care. Simply put, those grassy areas of your yard won’t necessarily welcome the colder temps or fend off the frost. Maintaining a healthy, green landscape is hard enough in moderate weather, but those frigid days require special consideration. Unfortunately, winter lawn care often falls by the wayside yielding yellow-tipped blades of grass and drooping plants who mourn the lost warmth of summer. True, the grass is no longer in need of constant mowing, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected, either. As we approach winter, there are ways to prepare and protect that landscape you’ve worked so hard to maintain, so make a pre-emptive plan for winter lawn care even if it’s only a basic one.

Winter Lawn Care That Won’t Leave You Bare

  • During those last few mowings, adjust the height of the blade so that the grass is taller that you would leave it in summer. Leaving a bit of length actually protects the soil and keeps everything in place, even on the frostiest days. And yes, even Jack Frost winters in Florida. Raise your mower’s settings to leave an extra quarter-inch higher than you normally prefer that added length will help the photosynthesis process, and when spring finally rolls back around, you’ll see satisfactory evidence that your lawn really does still earn its keep in winter.
  • Here’s a winter lawn care tip that will have your budget blushing with glee as you prepare for those shortened days of shivery temps, start cutting down on the frequency of your watering schedule. Once a week offers ample hydration just remember that it now needs a half-inch of water saturation during that time.
  • All those spring bloomers – think azaleas – should have gotten their last trimming by now. In other words, proper winter lawn care does not include pruning these particular plants. If you do decide to trim them at all, use a delicate hand or run the risk of snipping away any forming buds.
  • Palm trees should only receive the barest brush with your clippers. If you trim too closely to the ball the heart of the palm it allows too great an exposure to the cold and produces damaging results.

As winter creeps up to blow its cold breath on your yard, remember that winter lawn care can actually be easy. Just take a few simple steps in preparation for the seasonal change, and that winter lawn care plan won’t have to include resuscitation.

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