Winter Pruning

Be Prudent About Winter Pruning

Winter pruning isn’t something that most people think about on a regular basis. In fact, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not even be aware that pruning should be a part of your winter lawn care, thinking instead that shearing off your plants and shrubs is something that needs to be tackled in spring. Unfortunately, however, unless you get the basics of pruning down, your winter landscape will start to show signs of your lack of knowledge. And that yard you’re so proud of will be full of damaged trees and shrubs when springtime rolls around.

It’s Cutting Time

Really, winter pruning isn’t such a hard thing if you know how and when to prune shrubs and bushes. The most ideal time for winter pruning trees and winter pruning shrubs is actually in late winter, closer to spring, rather than at the beginning of the season and during its coldest period. The reason for this is simply that it helps promote a faster regrowth in spring, when the plants come out of their period of winter dormancy. Most plants have also shed their leaves for winter, which helps reveal their natural shape and aids in proper pruning.

The Cut List

It’s important to know as you plan your winter pruning that you can’t just go around pruning trees and shrubs without taking some precautions. You’ll need to prune on a day that’s more mild and dry; but there are a few other tops to know, as well, including:

    • Prune branches that are dead or diseased first.
    • Remove small branches and any branches that are overgrown so that the crown of the tree or shrub can receive maximum exposure to sunlight and air.
    • Prune branches down to the node, where one branch attaches to another.

You may also want to ask your local landscape professional for their recommendations on which plants in your yard need winter pruning, as some trees and shrubs will tolerate the cutting best at certain points in the season better than others.

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