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Wisely Planning Landscaping: Builder, Architect, Utilities and Owner

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Typically speaking, when a homeowner begins thinking about how they’d like their property to look in terms of landscaping, they forget about some very important details. They think about the aesthetics rather than taking the broader view of what those aesthetics require, both in terms of budget as well as maintenance. They also forget to consider the impact it will all have on the environment, which is why a site plan is important to have before the first patch of ground is even dug up.

Plan Your Site

Essentially, a site plan takes the raw materials – in this case, the property at its rawest stages in the beginning of the entire process – and assesses everything from lot size to natural terrain. Soil content, natural plant life, elevation, climate condition, existing architectural elements and utility lines…all of that is essential in knowing how to achieve results that are beautiful and sustainable. It’s also important to have a site plan to understand scale and just where certain features will function well and just how they function. This is all part of landscape ecology, and the team at Executive Landscaping, Inc. has years of experience in working with homeowners and architects to achieve results that are sustainable, beautiful and beneficial.

Who’s In On the Plan?

Proper creation of a site plan is something generally outside of a homeowner’s area of expertise, which is why it’s essential to seek the guidance of a professional. They know everything involved in creating a cohesive design that is sustainable in terms of maintenance including one that functions well for your life and in your environment. For instance, there are questions to answer during the planning stages of the project:

  • What is the soil content?
  • Is the elevation of the site beneficial to the project?
  • Does the site slope in a way that requires grading?
  • How does rainfall impact the structure of the soil?
  • Will the site require the installation of retaining walls or drainage ditches?
  • Is the site large enough to allow traffic flow?
  • Are your chosen plants conducive to the natural environment?
  • Is the landscaping energy-efficient to maintain?
  • Are the proper utilities in place or must new lines be run?
  • What is the cost of utilities to maintain the landscaping?

Set Your Sites on Success

By calling in the experts to create a site plan, you’ll get the important questions answered and determine the best course of action for your lifestyle, budget and environment. At Executive, we recommend enlisting the help of landscape maintenance professionals as well as designers and architects to complete a few essentials as site planning happens:

  • Walk the site and take measurements
  • Create a blueprint for the space in order to determine a layout
  • Decide on materials as you create the layout and repeatedly discuss budget to determine where to reduce costs
  • Take soil samples to determine the health of the soil
  • Learn which plants fare well in your local environment and with the conditions of your property
  • Determine where to run any additional utility lines for water or electricity

Whatever your vision, Executive Landscaping, Inc. will work with you to achieve a site plan that brings it to life.

Call the landscaping experts at Executive Landscaping, Inc. to learn more about the outdoor maintenance services we provide and let us help you create a site plan today!