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Eco Friendly

Executive’s Holistic Approach to Landscaping Ecology


Taking the Holistic Approach to Landscaping There’s been a major shift in the past few years to living holistically, removing the barriers between certain aspects of life like health and beauty, mind and body to create a deeper connection for them all and achieve a better-balanced way of living. Interestingly enough, that “holistic” way of…

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Energy Efficient landscaping


Simple Tips for Energy Efficient Landscaping In this day and age of “going green,” it’s little wonder that so many people have turned that focus on ways that their homes function, from the appliances they choose for their kitchens to the light bulbs they use in the bathroom vanities. Energy conservation is a huge concern,…

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Beautiful and Allergy Free Landscaping

allergy free landscaping

Allergy Free Landscaping for Allergy Sufferers The start of Summer brings out the landscaping gardener in many of us. Whether it is commercial landscaping to add curb appeal for a business or residential landscaping to dress up the front porch of the house, landscaping is everywhere. Unfortunately for over 50 million Americans who are allergen…

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6 Design Ideas for Commercial Landscapes

commercial landscapes

Design Considerations for Commercial Landscapes Successful commercial landscaping is dependent on several factors. Achieving attractive and well maintained commercial landscapes starts with professional design services where all aspects are taken into consideration. This service includes green space & garden plantings, hardscapes and traffic flow, irrigation and drainage, and lighting. Aesthetics, environmental responsibility, and easy maintenance…

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Smart TLC For Silent Lawn Diseases

lawn diseases

A Gulf Coast Landscaping Concern Do you value the beautiful appearance of your lawn and garden? The Pensacola area and other parts of the Gulf Coast boast some stunning properties. By learning to recognize the presence of common lawn diseases, you will help protect your grounds more effectively from potentially devastating losses. Taking quick action…

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Lawn Pest Control

lawn pest control

Things That BUG Your Lawn Lawn pest control is one of the most important landscape maintenance issues you’ll face as a property owner, but it can be easy to get lost in the various types of lawn treatments. Should you be concerned about which lawn pesticides are considered a natural pesticide or fret over whether…

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Green Gardens

green gardens

Green Gardens: Foliage Fancy Gardens don’t have to have flowers in order to be stunning. In fact, some of the most impactful garden design ideas are built around foliage gardens, focusing on the green rather than relying on bright splashes of floral fanciness to make a statement. Unlike finicky flowers that will only bloom during certain…

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Eco Friendly Landscaping

eco friendly landscaping

As people become more aware of the environment around them and the ways that their daily living bears directly on that environment, they’re searching for ways to live more naturally, and finding solutions for creating eco friendly landscaping is growing higher on the priority list. Be Materially Minded There are ways to get more environmentally…

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