Irrigation landscaping services are crucial in creating and maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and services. We’ve earned a reputation as an industry leader throughout the greater Pensacola area and beyond, working with clients in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Proper landscape irrigation design is the starting point in achieving any successful irrigation system. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have an experienced team of professionals who have proven our excellence in planning and designing some of the highest quality systems in the greater Pensacola area. We’re a company built high on a reputation of uncompromising standards, and part of that prestigious position has been earned by the irrigation landscaping services we offer our clients.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Top-Quality Irrigation Landscaping Services

In keeping with our desire to offer nothing but the best, the team at Executive provides our clients with a wide range of irrigation landscaping services, including:

  • Servicing, repairing, and renovating any pre-existing irrigation systems
  • Professional, effective design plans for the installation of systems that will ensure the most efficient water use and the most even distribution
  • Regular inspections and audits of irrigation systems to verify that water usage levels and proper distribution are being maintained
  • Installations for rain sensors and weather stations to adjust for current conditions and provide the most responsible usage of water
  • Annual maintenance contracts to maintain the highest efficiency of irrigation systems

Delivering Efficient and Sustainable Landscape Irrigation Design Solutions

We work with only the best products, using Rain Bird’s excellent parts and components to build the systems we install, ensuring that each landscape irrigation design we offer will be well-conceptualized, long lasting and efficient.

At Executive, our designers know how to assess your property to gauge its needs and address those needs to achieve a healthy, beautiful landscape that’s both well-hydrated and properly drained. Our landscape irrigation design team is dedicated to water conservation and works within the strict standards set by the EPA; we pride ourselves not only on building green spaces, but on being green in our practices.

We offer services that consider your financial needs in both the planning and maintenance stages of any system we install. We consider water flow, drainage, property limitations and specific care areas, ensuring your money is wisely invested and the integrity of your pre-existing landscaping is preserved.


Our Dedication to Quality and Environmental Responsibility

Executive Landscaping, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in providing our clients with irrigation landscaping services, and our dedication to excellence has earned us the proud distinction of being granted membership to Rain Bird’s network of Select Contractors. More than the pride we take in that honor; however, we recognize our responsibility to our clients in offering them those same core values that have been so key to our success.

High-Quality Landscape Irrigation Solutions

The experienced team at Executive works diligently to design solutions tailored to your property and budget by utilizing the best products and innovative technologies. As licensed contractors with Rain Bird, we leverage SyncroFlo's water pump technologies and remain committed to environmental responsibility by partnering with the EPA in their WaterSense program.
We guarantee respectful treatment and open communication with all our clients. Upholding our ethics, we operate with integrity and professionalism, promptly responding to service calls and providing transparency through detailed contracts, estimates, and comprehensive reports of completed work. We welcome feedback, striving for the utmost satisfaction in all our services.

Exceptional Client Care and High Standards

Clients can expect professional care and attention reflecting our commitment to integrity and excellence. We provide fair, accurate pricing quotes, find the best solutions for your needs and ensure the highest standards are met in the design and installation of your system.

Recognizing the unique needs of different areas based on soil quality, weather patterns and climate changes, we offer customized solutions, including renovations to existing irrigation systems. We explore your property thoroughly and source the best products for a beneficial and efficient irrigation design.

Invest in Your Landscape's Future with Executive Landscaping, Inc.

At Executive, we understand that successful landscape irrigation design lays the foundation for thriving outdoor spaces. Our team combines expert knowledge with in-depth research of your property to provide efficient and personalized solutions.

Invest wisely in your landscape's health and beauty. Contact us for your custom landscape irrigation design and our comprehensive irrigation landscaping services today!