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Water Features

Jump in with Cool Pool Landscaping Designs


Pool Landscaping Ideas to Make a Splash Pool landscaping is something that often falls by the wayside. Many people rely on their pools to do all the work in making their backyards seem interesting. But even the most impressively sized pool falls flat without the right features surrounding it. From fully-decked out patio spaces to…

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How to Create an Awesome Backyard Pond

Serene Solutions for Backyard Ponds It hardly takes a rocket scientist to realize that ponds are a source of tranquility. These small pools of water naturally seem to invite you to sit and stare into their soothing depths, listening to the wind whisper as it gently blows through the surrounding foliage and watching the contented…

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Important Tips for Landscape Irrigation

Be Well-Watered with Landscape Irrigation Irrigating your lawn is crucial in keeping it – and whatever other landscaping you might have on your property – happy, healthy and properly hydrated. Regardless of the amount of money or time you invest in creating your outdoor masterpiece, that vibrancy will quickly fade into dull lifelessness if it…

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Figuring Out Your Fountain

Fountains of Tranquility There’s an undeniable experience brought by water…a calming feeling of tranquility that touches you on a cellular level and seems to hush your mind and your body. And by adding a water feature to your landscape design, you can achieve that very same sensory experience and transform even the most ordinary backyard…

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Five Best Water Features for Your Yard

The Trickling Tranquility of Water Features While pools might be the type of water feature that most readily springs to mind, there are actually a number of other options available that take up less space, require less maintenance and are less costly to install. The choice is up to you and what’s in your budget,…

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