Maintenance Landscaping Services

While you might not realize it, regular maintenance landscaping services are critical to any investment of time or money you’ve made in your property, as it will ensure that your outdoor space is both healthy and beautiful. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we’ve distinguished ourselves as industry leaders in the greater Pensacola area, serving customers all along the Gulf Coast and maintaining some of the most beautiful landscapes around.

Superior landscaping maintenance services

We pride ourselves on our reputation for superior landscaping maintenance services, and at Executive Landscaping, our skilled team of professionals can offer you landscaping maintenance services that will both satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re hoping to establish a mowing schedule for your residential space or need landscaping maintenance services on a grander scale, we’ll work with you to design a plan that will address your property’s present needs as well as what it might need in the foreseeable future. Highly trained and skilled in the latest landscaping maintenance services, our team at Executive Landscaping has the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle every type of landscaping maintenance services.

We provide you and your property with options including:

  • Weekly mowing schedules
  • Tree and shrub pruning
  • Fertilization schedules
  • Winterizing
  • Weeding
  • Planting and maintaining seasonal color or foliage

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  • Treatments for pests or disease
  • Aerating
  • Sodding, seeding, or re-seeding
  • Mulching
  • Leaf blowing and collection
  • Monitoring irrigation services

Maintenance Landscaping Services Provides Longevity

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we believe that maintenance landscaping services are a core concept of achieving a healthy, beautiful property. Without them, the investments you’ve made in your landscaping will be lost in a matter of time, but we’re dedicated to guarding that investment and helping it reach its full potential. With years of experience and a continually growing reputation for our integrity and our dedication to providing superior services and excellent results, the maintenance landscaping services teams at Executive are the perfect solution for all of your landscaping needs.
At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we pride ourselves on the results we achieve; and we make customer satisfaction our priority. We’ll work with you to to assess the needs of your property and design a maintenance landscaping services plan ideal to your budget, your schedule, and your overall goals. As a locally-owned business, Executive Landscaping has built relationships in the greater Pensacola area both with our clients and with our fellow businesses. We realize that the properties we maintain are our calling card, and each of the maintenance landscaping services we provide our clients is a way of representing our pride and dedication to the community.


By shaping your image, we shape our own

While they might initially seem costly or unnecessary, landscaping maintenance services are invaluable to any property owner, both for commercial as well as residential landscapes. The priority you place on landscaping maintenance services can determine the way that you are perceived. Landscaping maintenance services offer evidence that you take pride in yourself or your company and your environment, that you are capable and strive for excellence. Commercial landscapes communicate a professional message long before a client reaches the door; and at Executive Landscaping, we want our landscaping maintenance services to present you in the best possible light. You’re entrusting your image with us, and we’re dedicated to honoring that trust. Curb appeal isn’t essential to commercial properties alone, however. As a homeowner, the vitality of your landscaping speaks to your guests and offers them an unspoken greeting, creates an impression of self-respect. You’re adding monetary value to your own property, as well as that of the environment surrounding you; and at Executive Landscaping, it has long been our goal to provide our clients with landscaping maintenance services that build a beautiful community.


Professional, Experienced Landscaping Maintenance Services

As a full-scale professional landscaping maintenance company, Executive Landscaping has years of experience in recognizing and identifying conditions that could ultimately prove detrimental to your both the health and the appearance of your landscaping, and as we assess your property, we’ll explore every possible solution and examine the infrastructure of your space––both above ground and below. We continually research the market for the best products and educate our staff to be familiar with environmental concerns that might affect your landscaping. Our landscaping maintenance services can treat, repair, and prevent many problems natural to the climate changes or other elements indigenous to your particular area, and we can work with you on designing a plan to suit those needs. We’ll offer you highly specialized advice based on your existing grounds and what goals you might have for the future. We have practical and technical knowledge that you, as a property owner do not, and we want the investment you’ve already made to be well maintained and maximize the full potential of your outdoor space.
At Executive Landscaping, we are fully licensed and certified to offer landscaping maintenance services in:

  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • Louisiana

Our clients have come to trust and depend on us for our unwavering commitment to quality. We’ve built relationships with our landscaping maintenance services; and at Executive Landscaping, we want to watch those relationships grow!


Industry-Leading Maintenance Landscaping Services

The knowledgeable, friendly maintenance landscaping services teams at Executive Landscaping are certified, licensed, and insured in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to offer our maintenance landscaping service customers the very best products, services, and practices. We see more than just words in those certifications, however we see them as a way to provide our clients with peace of mind that everything we do meets and exceeds industry standards. We continually educate ourselves on the best and newest technologies and products, and that knowledge has kept us on the leading edge.
At Executive, we’re determined to reach above and beyond the expectations of our clients and to provide them with solutions that are beneficial and respectful of nature. We’re committed to enhancing, not endangering the environment, and the products we use bear that objective in mind; we want to conserve and preserve, and our maintenance landscaping services have become even more innovative as a result. Our customers keep us driven and motivated to maintain a level of superiority that will last as a legacy for generations to come, to plant the seeds for a more healthy and beautiful environment, one landscape at a time.
Executive Landscaping, Inc., is a company built high on the respect we have gained among our competitors and the reputation we have built with our clients. We can offer no greater testimony of faith and success than the prosperous properties we maintain; no flowery words give greater evidence than the vitality of the flowers we cultivate. The image we present through our maintenance landscaping services is one we can confidently say truly reflects our standards of care and excellence, and our clients see and feel that difference!
At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we thrive on our customers’ satisfaction, and we’re firmly rooted in meeting that goal. Request a maintenance estimate today!