The Real Cost of Tree Removal

As is the case with most landscape projects, the cost to have a tree removed ranges greatly, depending on several factors. The location of the tree, it’s height and size, the condition of the tree and the complexity of the removal process all affect the quoted price – which means there is no one-size-fits-all cost to have a tree removed.

While many homeowners see the cost to have a tree removed by a professional as an unnecessary expense, it’s essential to realize that larger trees can often be dangerous to handle unless you have some degree of expertise. Many trees are too sizeable for removal without the use of heavy machinery or even a certain amount of climbing. The larger the tree, the larger the margin for error. For that reason, we generally recommend that tree removal be handled by a professional and Executive Landscaping, Inc. has years of working with clients all over the Gulf Coast in safely removing trees from their yard.

Cutting Down the Confusion

Typically speaking, the cost to have a tree removed includes a few basic services such as chopping the tree down, which often involves roping down pieces of the tree by climbing the tree and cutting it into smaller, more manageable pieces. Some contractors also include hauling services in the fee, while others consider it an extra cost. From there, various other services add to the price to have a tree removed.

Stump removal, for instance, is an added cost and unless you pay extra for removal, you’ll have a stump left behind after the rest of the tree is gone. The process requires different equipment and often involves more manpower, which adds to the cost. The health and diameter of the stump also factor into the price of removal. Limb chipping is another add-on. Limbs are most often chopped off during removal, so having them run through a wood-chipper is an added step with added cost.

Chops to the Budget

There are a few things to know when you’re planning tree removal and thinking about what affects cost. Size is a big one, as the height of the tree adds to the cost. The higher the tree, the higher the price tag for removing it. The same holds for the diameter of the tree. The bigger it is around its trunk, the more stump grinding it involves.

The condition of the tree is also important. Healthy, robust trees often cost more because they require more work than dead, dying or rotting trees do. To know the condition of the tree, however, you will need to have a certified arborist examine it. Some municipalities even require testing and prohibit the removal of a tree from your yard without them, so check with local ordinances.

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Location, location, location; much like it is with real estate, location is another critical consideration in the cost to have a tree removed. Removing trees located farther away from the house or any other structures or obstacles is less expensive than the removal of trees closer to those things because it complicates matters and increases the risk for damage, adding to the planning, the amount of time required and the type of equipment needed. In some cases, it also means applying for permits with the city or notifying utility companies.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we have decades of experience in removing trees from landscapes all over the area and know the importance of handing the job with care. We want our clients to feel the level of dedication we have in satisfying their needs and the degree of quality we maintain in all that we do. From the first cut on the first branch to the last piece of the trunk we touch, we can suggest a precise and safe plan for any issues you may have and that’s a standard we’re proud to uphold.

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