Design Landscaping Services

Whether we’re executing a renovation or addressing the plans for a newly constructed landscape, we make it our priority to see our clients’ needs met in a timely, professional manner. Our professional designers are fully experienced in both new builds as well as in renovations, a ready asset to the design landscaping services we offer our clients as we strive to ease the process of seeing the project from preliminary planning to completion and long-term maintenance. Plans are prepared and presented to the client to ensure complete satisfaction before a fully-costed Master Plan is prepared.

Our Landscape Design/Build process enables our customers to set a project budget for our design team to create a plan that will maximize value and remain within the project budget.

Landscape Designers Are Guides

Landscaping any property is an investment, and hiring professional, experienced landscape designers can be key in maximizing the potential of that investment. At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we’ve built our name on the quality and excellence of our work, and our landscape designers have gained a reputation in the greater Pensacola area for their masterful creations.

Beyond the planning of placing shrubbery and trees, many property owners are unaccustomed to looking at their landscape as a space that needs the focus of a well-researched, practical design. Landscape designers, however, are skilled in transforming an ordinary property to become an outdoor both space that is functional and attractive, keeping in mind the importance of incorporating that design into the natural environment of the surrounding area and any limitations that might arise due to the property’s natural and manmade elements. The knowledgeable team of landscape designers at Executive Landscaping have years of experience in the industry, and they’ll guide you in achieving a landscape far beyond your expectations. They know the impact that can be created by a well-designed landscape, whether as a complement to your home or an asset to your business.

Commercial Design Landscaping Services

Landscape design for commercial property focuses on both the design and traffic flow of the property and the specific garden design of landscape elements within it. At Executive Landscaping, we strive to match the practical, aesthetic, horticultural, and environmental sustainability of a landscape’s components with the wishes and desires of our clients.

Design Build vs Traditional Building when it comes to developing a new landscape for your home or business

  • One contractor for entire job vs Several contractors
  • Uses available plan material vs Specs plant material without verifying availability
  • Uses preferred vendors vs Uses vendors with the specified plant material
  • Less freight cost  vs Typical higher freight costs due to multiple sources
  • Longer warranties vs Standard 1 year warranty
  • Value in synergies  vs Low bid environment
  • Value in synergies vs Low bid environment
  • No design fees  vs Design Fees


Landscape Designers Are Knowledgeable and Resourceful

Landscape designers must be highly trained and specialize in multiple areas, able not only to create a plan for the property’s visual layout, but also possessing great scientific knowledge of the natural conditions of the area and a true understanding of botany. As creative as they must be, landscape designers should also be competent in the business aspects of landscape design, as they will be the ones most closely working with you for the duration of your project. The landscape designers at Executive Landscaping are highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with both residential and commercial clients, tailoring their plans to create a design fitting to the space and respectful of the environment, while also accurately addressing the issues of estimated time and expenses.

As industry insiders, the landscape designers at Executive Landscaping are familiar with products and materials needed to complete any design, as well as sourcing them and negotiating any costs associated with your landscaping project. They’ll inform you of any necessary changes to design or budget and advise you on what, specifically, will best suit the needs of your home or business’s overall design, including the addition of hardscaping features or specific types of botanical elements that will help you achieve your vision.

Professional landscape designers should be considered an asset in planning a commercial landscape project. Landscaping is a crucial element to any business, as it creates an immediate impression for any visitor. How well the property functions as a whole, both in regards to the outdoor space as well as the business structure itself, is largely determined in the planning stages of the project. The landscape designers at Executive Landscaping are dedicated to providing you with a design that will be impressive and welcoming, to create an image that will leave your clients with a sense of quality and attention to detail. Your professional capabilities are reflected in the property you maintain, and design directly correlates to that.

Residential projects, uncomplicated though they might appear, will also benefit from the services of landscape designers. They’ll be able to help you determine the needs of your outdoor space and offer insight into both natural and manmade features that will complement your home, including gardens; hardscaping; and lighting. The landscaping designers have created some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, and we strive to exceed expectation with every design we plan.

Landscape Designers Are Multitaskers

As they work with you to create the perfect plan for your property, the landscape designers at Executive will provide detailed sketches and presentations representative of the design, as well as multiple options for your space. They’re knowledgeable about zoning restrictions and regulations; weather conditions and any impact they may make on your planned space; the natural environment of your property, such as soil condition; and any products, materials, and equipment that might be necessary to complete the project. As part of the team our landscape designers have direct access to Executives licensed contractors and maintenance workers, all of whom will prove essential––from beginning to end, and even beyond as you determine how best to maintain the health and beauty of your newly created landscape.

At Executive Landscaping, Inc., we’re a company designed to excel, and we want to bring that excellence to you! Contact us to answer all of your landscape design questions today!